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  • Tami

    As a breast cancer survivor who’s spent a lot of time navigating healthcare systems, I was absolutely delighted with the care I received. The staff was warm and welcoming, and the nurses gifted me with a high level of TLC. I’m grateful for the doctor’s expertise and honesty in advising me and performing my procedure. I am 1000% happy and plan on having a few more procedures. This was a top-notch clinic offering an innovative treatment that IS affordable, less painful, and has quick recovery time and results! I would like to add, as an African American woman, I am always wary of how I will be treated by the medical community. The staff was always kind, and I was treated with dignity and respect in every interaction. Elite’s Edina office is a safe and welcoming space for everyone.
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  • Raro Lae

    I am still in shock but so excited that I finally got the figure I wanted and I am so happy right now.
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  • Eric

    This is like beyond amazing. I had a little bit of jitters walking in here the usual but everybody here has been so amazing. it's been like mind blowing comfortable. We had some good tunes going and everyone here is so freaking nice this has been great!
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  • Debbie C

    Elite Body Sculpture is very professional and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. They were very responsive. I am thrilled with my new AirSculpt® arms!
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  • Katie

    I think it's important for people to know that this is a great alternative.
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  • Amy

    It feels a little weird at first, because you know something is going on but there is no pain. But then even after that you don't feel it anymore.
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  • Kimberly F

    I am two weeks out from my procedure and I am so excited. I am very happy with my results already. Dr. Blome told me what to expect so there were no surprises. My recovery has gone well with minimal discomfort. Elite Body Sculpture exceeded my expectations. The staff was awesome.
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  • Gracia T

    I am a 39-year old mother of 4, wife, corrections officer, and a happy patient of Dr. Aaron Rollins. I‘ve had an AirSculpt® procedure on my double chin, a fat transfer, and Brazilian Butt Lift. My journey with Dr. Rollins began in 2013 when I saw a special on a nighttime news show about AirSculpt®, a procedure that uses air pressure to remove fat through a 2-mm hole without scarring. I saw how a patient had lost her double chin with a quick 20- minute procedure that they called a quick lunch time procedure.
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  • Allie C

    My experience with Elite Body Sculpture exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Great staff, super friendly and eased any worries I had going into it. I had been wanting to have my arms done for years and when they opened a new location in Dallas, I could not pass up the opportunity to finally try it. Minimal downtime with maximum results! Highly recommend the surgeon and his amazing staff!
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  • Tiffany H

    I had a great experience! My surgeon was the best! I am in the stages of healing and I could not be more pleased. My husband and I both feel that the process was SO worth it! Anyone contemplating the procedure, go in for a consultation and just do it!
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  • Prisca S

    I am so very pleased with my results! The surgeon was extremely professional and a visionary! His staff was so kind and I felt so comfortable from the moment we had our consultation. I highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture and am just so impressed with the entire experience!
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  • Stacy M

    If you are looking to get your body shaped, Elite Body Sculpture is the place to go to! I just loved the way I got treated since day one. The staff and the surgeon were very specific with procedures and treatments and they also offer financial plans. Elite Body Sculpture got me one step closer to my dream body!
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