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A New Arm Fat Removal Treatment

How to lose arm fat is a question people commonly ask themselves. Lifting weights at the gym and eating healthy can deliver some results, but more often than not, these aren't enough to sculpt away those stubborn "bat wings." At Elite Body Sculpture, Arm AirSculpt® guarantees the precise results you're looking for with a patented treatment performed with patients wide awake. With a short recovery time of a day and no need for stitches, we've changed the way arm fat surgery is done. Make a game-changing decision today by scheduling a consultation with our San Diego MedSpa.

Individual Arm Sculpting Procedures

  • Armpit and underarm AirSculpt Icon

    Armpit and Underarm AirSculpt®

    Sculpts the armpits and underarms, some of the most challenging to target with workouts.

  • Front Bra Roll AirSculpt Icon

    Front Bra Roll AirSculpt®

    Remove bra bulge fat and get back to wearing tank tops or bathing suits.


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13 miles north of downtown San Diego in the beautiful seaside community of La Jolla, Elite Body Sculpture San Diego is our third location to be opened in the Golden State. We’re located right in between I-5 and I-805, just north of La Jolla Village Drive. Drop by our office after a round of golf at Torry Pines or some leisure shopping at the nearby La Jolla Village Square.

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