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She Just Didn't Like Her Arms - Too Bulky, Solved!

Southern California TV Host

She Just Didn’t Like Her Arms, Too Bulky—Problem Solved
Southern California TV host and personality discusses with ET how she wants arms just like Michelle Obama’s. Kyle has a sense of humor about it, and even mugs for the camera with her arm fat all gone.

About Kyle
Kyle Keller is a Television Personality, Host and Correspondent. Kyle has performed in over 100 plays, shows and musicals. Kyle was a regular guest host on “The Covino & Rich Show” for MAXIM Radio on Sirius/XM, lead on-air correspondent for MediaKillers, Lifestyle & Entertainment Correspondent for UT-TV, hosted her own shows, “Style with Kyle” and “Kyle’s Ultimate Challenge”. Kyle can currently be seen on VH1’s Tough Love.

Kyle Keller chooses Elite Body Sculpture for her arm sculpting.

Kyle Keller – Shows arm fat removed, and a great before and after!