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Leading-Edge Upper Back Fat Removal

AirSculpt® is a precision-engineered procedure highly adept at removing upper back fat and back bra rolls to provide patients with instant and long-lasting results. Found off of Rodeo Drive, our Beverly Hills MedSpa, is proud to offer our back bra roll liposuction that's designed to maximize comfort and allow for a quick recovery. For more information on how to experience the next generation of body sculpting, call our Beverly Hills location to schedule your first consultation.

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Stubborn Fat

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Our Staff

Hazel Hernandez

Regional Nurse

Tracy Victoria

Lead Nurse

Imelda Calderon

Practice Manager

Yanira Ramos

Medical Assistant

Paola Luna

Patient Care Coordinator Assistant

Fatima Popal

Patient Care Coordinator

Dulce Ledesma

Patient Concierge

Dina Palma

Patient Liaison

Denise Beltran

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Daisy Escoto

Surgical Technician

Cristina Luna

Assistant Manager

Bianca Venegas

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Apasara Buparisi

Patient Concierge

Amor Capdevila

Patient Care Consultant

Amanda Renner

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Daneesia Hines

Registered Nurse

Marilyn Campos

Assistant Manager

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448B North Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 United States
A quick 5-minute walk from Rodeo Drive and right off Santa Monica Boulevard, Elite Body Sculpture is right across the Beverly Hills sign. As Elite's prime Southern California location, we offer concierge services to any patients coming from out of town. Closer to Northern California? Check out our Sacramento location. Either way, we offer concierge services to set up accommodations for patients from out of town.

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*Subject to change by patient necessity.