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AirSculpt® vs. Traditional Liposuction


AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive body sculpting procedure performed in a relaxed setting. This patented treatment permanently removes fat and tightens skin while sculpting targeted areas of the body. Results are achieved with minimal pain by plucking away fat, cell by cell. A majority of unwanted fat cells can be removed with a single minimally invasive procedure; all this is done without leaving an obvious scar. AirSculpt® enables your surgeon to sculpt your body’s contours precisely to your desired look with no lumps or ridges for a naturally attractive outcome. View before and after photos.


Traditional liposuction is an abrasive surgical procedure that removes excess body fat and leaves a tell-tale scar. It uses a hollow suction tube inserted through an incision to remove fat from under the skin with a scraping motion that is quite violent and imprecise. The patient is put under general anesthesia before the surgery and stitches are required to close the incision. Recovery is generally painful with excessive bruising, which lasts for days or even weeks, and extended downtime. Results can leave bumps, shelves, ripples, and other irregularities. Patients sometimes requiring additional procedures to revise disappointing results.

AirSculpt vs liposuction comparison
AirSculpt vs liposuction comparison

AirSculpt® Advantages

Minimally Invasive vs Surgical

AirSculpt® body contouring is minimally invasive and maximally effective. In lieu of the scalpel and surgical incision used in liposuction, the AirSculpt® process enters with air pressure and relies on our patented spinning technology to gently pluck out your fat through an entry site smaller than a pencil eraser. As the site heals, it leaves a mark similar to a freckle or natural skin blemish; there’s no surgical scar with tell-tale suture marks. And since there are no stitches, there’s no need for a follow up surgeon’s visit to have them removed. Watch how it works.

No General Anesthesia

Differently from liposuction and other surgical procedures, AirSculpt® requires no general anesthesia. It’s designed to be virtually pain-free, which means there’s no need for anesthetic! Awake throughout the treatment, you’re given an oral medication to help you relax, you remain alert and can listen to your favorite music or chat with a friend. Our patients have been known to break out into song! General anesthesia takes days to leave your system and has its own risks. Some people are especially sensitive to its possible negative effects. 

Less Downtime, Faster Recovery

Because AirSculpt® is minimally invasive, there’s less post-procedure downtime and faster healing. While traditional liposuction takes about 6 months to heal, AirSculpt® produces results in about a month. With less pain, swelling, bruising, and trauma to the treated area, most AirSculpt® patients are back at work within 24 to 48 hours, even those with physically demanding jobs.

Body Sculpting Specialists

All AirSculpt® procedures are performed exclusively by experienced,  expertly trained surgeon-artists in Elite Body Sculpture clinics throughout the United States. We are body contouring specialists; fat is all we do, focusing on removing and transferring it precisely for a natural yet sculpted result. Concierge services are available to assist out-of-town and international patients with travel arrangements and more.