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Dallas AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer

Why AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfers Trump Other Dallas Options

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Is the Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer Procedure Right For Me?

In the cosmetic procedure world, the hands are often the most overlooked part of the body. Some may remember their biweekly manicures and moisturizing routines, but when it comes to ensuring the hands look youthful, many hit a metaphoric wall. A little-known fact about hands is this: they can show signs of aging even before the face. As you grow older, soft tissue wears away, leading to hand volume decreasing. This means veins, tendons, and bones all become more apparent. For those struggling with sagging or wrinkly skin on their hands due to age and weathered features, hand rejuvenation fat transfer procedure could be right for you. 

What is the AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Procedure?

The AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Procedure is so straightforward that even those without a background in dermatology or biology will understand it. In under an hour, a surgeon carefully removes fat from the patient’s own body to sculpt and smooth the patient’s hands. Removing fat from one part of the body to transfer to another is referred to as fat grafting. Typically, fat is grafted from the stomach or thighs; however, fat can be taken from any area with excess. To ensure only healthy, viable fat cells are placed into the hands, the AirSculpt® Fat Transfer system is used to treat the fat. Surgeons often transfer more fat than necessary to account for the rate of reabsorption. Thanks to the patented AirSculpt® technology, surgeons can place fat transfers with incredible precision. The entryways' locations are as follows: in between pinky finger and ring finger, in between ring finger and middle finger, and in between the middle finger and pointer finger.

What Are the Results of this AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation?

The AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Procedure is a simple surgery with striking results.  In addition to reducing hand wrinkles, this procedure also treats other hand deformities and contour irregularities. The AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Procedure provides both rejuvenation and filling effects. The rejuvenation effects are thanks to the large amounts of added volume to the hand. The filling benefit provided is thanks to the autologous transfers of fat. The natural fat transferred enables visible veins and tendons to be covered, resulting is a hand with uniform contours. The small incisions between the fingers heal naturally and leave an inconspicuous scar behind. The AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Procedure can be combined with other AirSculpt®  procedures as well. Best of all, these natural-looking results will last for years and, in some cases, even decades!

What is the Recovery Time?

For two days, your hands will be wrapped with bandaged compression garments. Immediate side effects are swelling, tenderness, soreness, and redness. After two weeks, slight swelling and redness will be gone. Optimal results will begin to appear in three to six months, but changes will be noticed immediately. Restrictions include limiting pressure and strenuous activity on the hands, as well as exhibiting caution with movements. Dallas residents, younger-looking hands are just a phone call away!


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