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When Do BBL Results Become Permanent?

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Aside from having a successful procedure and an excellent outcome, a priority of many patients is to achieve long-lasting results.

With the help of an experienced surgeon and proper care, all of these are possible. Elite Body Sculpture is here to help you maintain those results.

Therefore, read on to know what to and what not to do to keep your buttocks looking as refined as ever.

What's a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is an innovative body contouring procedure that aims to sculpt fuller, rounder buttocks via liposuction and a fat transfer.

Additionally, patients can enjoy trimming and contouring another area of their body where fat is removed. 

Patients need to understand that despite the Brazilian butt lift's name, it's not designed to address loose or excess skin.

While skin tightening is likely to occur after the buttocks are filled with transferred fat, the procedure isn't designed for patients with sagging skin as their primary concern.

How Does A BBL Work?

A Brazilian butt lift begins with a small incision near the site where fat is to be removed. A handheld device, the cannulas are used to harvest fat from the area of your choice.

The fat cells are then placed into a centrifuge to separate and purify the fat, preparing it for injection into the buttocks.

Afterward, the surgeon will strategically inject the fat cells into the buttocks in thin, precise layers to provide you with smooth, natural-looking contouring.

What's The Recovery Process?

The recovery process for a Brazilian butt lift varies from person to person, depending on the liposuction site and how much fat was transferred.

Generally speaking, most patients can return to work within 1-2 weeks with certain restrictions, including using a unique pillow when sitting and driving.

The full recovery process for a BBL can last up to four to six weeks, and the final results can take about six months to a year to be fully seen.

Is A BBL Permanent?

When do BBL results become permanent? Patients should understand that no cosmetic surgery is 100%, nor can the operation stop the natural aging process.

Over time, BBL patients will notice subtle changes in their results due to aging, lifestyle, and gravity. Nonetheless, if you properly care for your Brazilian butt lift and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy your BBL results for many, many years. To keep your new figure after the surgery, follow these tips:

  1. Follow all aftercare guidelines provided by your surgeon
  2. Do not add direct pressure on your buttocks until your surgeon clears you
  3. Sleep on your stomach or side
  4. Use a unique pillow or donut when seated or driving
  5. Maintain a stable weight
  6. Don't smoke

The most critical factor in maintaining your Brazilian butt lift results is to avoid weight fluctuations. Fat cells transferred during the procedure can swell or shrink with subsequent weight gain or weight loss, altering your buttocks' size and shape.

For this reason, surgeons recommend their patients to be at their ideal weight before the procedure to maintain it throughout recovery easily.

How long after BBL are results permanent? It all depends on you. Ensure that you're doing what you can to ensure that your transferred fat remains healthy and intact.

Aftercare For A BBL

If you want to care for yourself post-procedure correctly, it's best that you first understand that your objective during recovery is not to expose the buttocks to too much pressure. Therefore sitting on your butt should be avoided for about a month, and that can be quickly done by rolling a towel and placing it under your thighs or purchasing a BBL pillow. AirSculpt BBL patients will be provided a complimentary cushion and custom-fitting garments, one of the perks of going with Elite. 

It's also essential to provide the fat with the right nutrients and vitamins for a proper recovery. Ensure that you're correctly dieting by consuming healthy fats such as nuts, organic butter, salmon, and olive oil.

When it comes to doing exercise, you should focus on light walks in the first few weeks. That way, you support your newly transferred fat with blood circulation. Do not overwork your body at this stage because you shouldn't burn that many calories.

After the first two months, if your surgeon gives you the clearance, you can resume more strenuous exercise activities. Still, at this point, try to avoid doing exercises where you must be sitting on your buttocks, given that at this stage, you're only somewhat halfway through the recovery process.

Elite Body Sculpture Helps You Obtain Permanent Results

If your body contouring journey is about finding the optimal ways to make sure that you're obtaining quality and practically permanent results, look no further than what Elite Body Sculpture has to offer you.

The minimally invasive techniques supported by our patented AirSculpt technology are designed to simultaneously transfer fat and help tighten skin while using delicate devices that don't harm surrounding tissues.

Given the lack of surgical characteristics in our AirSculpt® Power BBL™, such as not using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, the transferred fat is less manipulated, allowing only high-quality material to be inserted into the buttocks.

We're the next generation of body sculpting. We're here to stay because we believe that all patients who undergo our procedures should have access to comfortable and accurate fat transfers without having to worry about risks or potential medical complications.

Get what's best for you. Call or visit our Beverly Hills office for your complimentary consultation.


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