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What Revision Breast Surgery is Like and Why Seattle Has Better Options

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Why Would I Be Interested In Breast Implant Revisions?

A breast implant revision is either necessary for medical or cosmetic purposes. If you have any of these following conditions post-breast related surgery, a breast revision surgery is recommendable:

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is the condition in which your breast implants have noticeably dropped on your chest. It's distinguishable by the appearance of low breast implants and that the nipples look too high. 

Capsular Contraction

Capsular contraction is when your body forms dense, thick scar tissue around the breast implant. As time passes, the scar tissue becomes heavier, thicker, and tighter. 

This results in the implant becoming stuck in place within the chest, giving you pain and a disfigured appearance. 

Implant Downsizing

You may be a patient interested in keeping your breast implants; nevertheless, you might wish they were smaller. It's important to note that exchanging larger implants for smaller implants may cause excess breast skin or saggy breasts.

Therefore, you'd have to accompany your breast revision surgery with a breast lift to manage the extra skin.


Rippling is more common in thinner individuals. It's when the ripples from the breast implant can be seen on the surface of the skin. 

Ruptured Implants

Last but not least, you may be interested in undergoing breast revision surgery because your implants have ruptured and are leaking. This must be treated immediately by surgeons that specialize in implant removals to diminish any further consequences.

Not All Breast Revision Surgeries Are Good, Except AirSculpt

It's a sad truth. A procedure designed to fix a problem derived from a previous surgery also has its complications.

In the case that you do have your breast implants removed, and are not satisfied with the appearance after that procedure, then AirSculpt Revision Surgery is the best procedure for you.

That's because its creators, Elite Body Sculpture, believe that making changes to your body should be a decision that has potential risks. Wanting to feel more comfortable with your body should be met with solutions that won't make you feel uncomfortable afterward. 

Alongside that, you can also opt for the AirSculpt Up A Cup. This natural breast augmentation procedure uses the patient's fat, which is a process that is much safer than using foreign objects to augment your breast's appearance. 

The AirSculpt Up A Cup is much more useful than getting new implants because AirSculpt technology maximizes the amount of viable fat used, meaning results last longer, and the augmentation is more pronounced.

What Makes AirSculpt So Unique?

AirSculpt technology serves as your most optimal breast revision or breast augmentation surgery because it offers you precise results without any of the potential risks.

A typical AirSculpt procedure does not involve the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. The recovery time post-procedure is a maximum of two days, meaning that you don't have to plan your schedule months to make changes to your body.

If you're interested in making changes to your body and your overall confidence, then AirSculpt is the right choice for you. Head over to Elite Body Sculpture Seattle to begin your first consultation. 


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