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What is Tailbone Liposuction and Where Should I Go In Nashville?

What is Tailbone Liposuction and Where Should I Go In Nashville

Tailbone liposuction on the female back can produce dramatic results. Areas also commonly treated during this procedure are the following:

  • The flanks, located above the waist and below the shoulder blades. This area is responsible for the bra bulge.
  • The outer armpit fat.
  • The buffalo hump, the fat that's located on the upper back on the neck.

The area of focus for this article is the lower back. The fat in this region is a single subcutaneous layer that bulges out when wearing a tight bra.

As you gain weight, the back can accumulate so much fat that it can form the parallel rolls that many women aren't fond of.

Tailbone Liposuction For The Female Back

Given that the female flanks are a very fibrous ara of the body, microcannulas are typically used to remove the rolls of fat and to avoid unnecessary trauma to the outer skin. 

Nevertheless, traditional liposuction isn't the optimal solution it used to be nowadays. It involves placing various incisions and utilizing an abrasive fat removal technique.

Traditional liposuction's fat removal is comparable to grating parmesan cheese. Not only that, the recovery time can last months, and the result isn't immediate.

Better Than Any Tailbone Liposuction In Nashville

If you're interested in optimal results that don't come with potential medical complications, then your best option is to try Elite Body Sculpture's wide-array of fat removal procedures.

Elite Body Sculpture developed its AirSculpt® technology with the comfort and wellbeing of the patient in mind.

The patented process is a masterpiece that forms a bridge between luxury and precision, making it the safest procedure on the market.

The Lower Back/ Tailbone AirSculpt®

It's the safest procedure on the market because an AirSculpt® doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. The Lower Back/ Tailbone AirSculpt® process goes as follows:

  1. The surgeon employs an AirPen to numb the tailbone area. This needleless tool uses pressurized air to apply a local anesthetic.
  2. A biopsy punch device makes a 2-millimeter opening on the lower back.
  3. Local anesthesia is applied, then laser technology helps soften the fat for extraction.
  4. Our patented cannula is then used to extract the excess fat from the lower back while also tightening the site's skin.
  5. The two-millimeter wide openings heal naturally, with only an unnoticeable scar only the size of a freckle left behind.

No fat removal procedure should have you second-guessing your decision. Make the best decision you can by working with the best.

Head to Elite Body Sculpture Nashville for your free consultation.


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