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What is a Mini-BBL, and Is It Really That Different?

What is a Mini-BBL, and Is It Really That Different?

A BBL, or a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, includes liposuction contouring of the waist and back area. It then consists of transferring fat from one area of the body to the buttocks.

A Mini BBL is a procedure that isn't that focused on liposuction, but it uses it to touch up areas of the butt, hip dips or to create a natural-looking projection.

A Mini BBL starts with liposuction, in which a surgeon harvests fat from your body, processes it, and then reinjects it into your hips and buttocks. Simply put, it's a more specific form of fat transfer that's much more about enhancing subtle details than actually augmenting the entire volume of your buttocks. 

Generally speaking, surgeons will graft or inject fat into the hips or thighs, depending on the patient's needs. Given the use of liposuction, the procedure involves a few small incisions for the cannulas to be sutured.

How Do I Find The Right Surgeon?

The absolute truth is that not all surgeons are suitable for everyone, despite being marketed on social media. 

Cosmetic surgery is designed to be a life-changing experience. Therefore, it's worth doing it the right way and not rushing into any of the processes.

How Much Does A Mini BBL Cost?

Cosmetic procedures can significantly vary in cost based on where you live and your surgeon's fees. However, most prices range between $3,000 and $15,000.

There's an extensive range of prices because each person's cosmetic procedure experience will be different. Some patients will require one treatment to obtain the shape and size that they desire. In contrast, others may need several procedures to achieve the ideal results that they could want.

Other patients may not have sufficient body fat to undergo a Mini BBL. Some patients may have enough pockets of fat that surgeons can use to improve the appearance of their thighs and buttocks.

Nonetheless, surgeons always recommend that a patient be generally healthy and within their ideal weight. Your practitioner will check you thoroughly to give you medical clearance. That's because being healthy will ensure that you have a risk-free surgical experience.

What Is Recovery Like?

You can divide the Brazilian butt lift recovery period into three phases: the first few days, a series of weeks, and several months.

The few days after the procedure, your primary focus will be rest to start the recovery process. The first few weeks are where you can resume your routine and job with minor modifications.

One thing you must avoid while working is sitting down on your buttocks. In the first few weeks, your swelling will decrease, and notice that your bruises are healing.


If that's your case, you can return to the gym or begin traveling again. During the last phase, your swelling should entirely subside, and the transferred fat should permanently remain.

Given that your buttocks can be exposed to consistent pressure through sitting or laying down, you must avoid doing so. From the first day of your surgery to the day you get fully recovered, it's your job to ensure that you sleep on your side and avoid sitting for an extended period as much as possible.

Maintaining your health during recovery is extremely important. The failure to do so could result in subpar or temporary results. Given that the fat must adapt to your buttocks, it's likely that 70% of the transferred fat will survive. 

How Much Fat Will Survive After a Mini BBL?

Fat grafting is quite a complex procedure. It's expected and typical for not all the transferred fat to survive in a BBL surgery.

Generally speaking, fat transfer surgeries have around 50 to 70 percent of the fat surviving. That's because the fat needs to adapt to the body and gain a blood supply to stay within its new space. That said, if 1 liter of fat is injected into your buttocks, you should expect survival of about 700 milliliters of fat.

It's common practice for the surgeon to overfill the buttocks with fat to guarantee the actual increment in volume that you desire.

Due to the swelling, you'll be able to see some of your results 8 to 12 weeks after the surgery. Therefore, you must also understand that fat is a living tissue.

The fat tissue will change if you fluctuate your weight. Therefore if you gain weight, the fat will expand, and if you lose weight, it will shrink. That's why it's best to maintain a stable weight to keep the shape and size of your preference. 

BBL Mini In A Nutshell

What is a mini-bbl surgery? Simply put, it's a surgery that needs about a year for you to be fully recovered. 

It may be technically less complex and time-consuming, but the most important part about any surgery is the precautions you take afterward.

Elite Body Sculpture Offers What's Best

Elite Body Sculpture's line of procedures is designed to provide you with a comfortable and safe experience if you want to make subtle or dramatic changes to your backside and hips.

Better yet, our recovery, even for the most dramatic results, is only about three weeks long. In fact, downtime is just two days, as patients begin taking daily walks after that period.  

That's where AirSculpt® Power BBL™ can help. This minimally invasive fat transfer doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia to give you precision-engineered results. Our patented technology enables surgeons to remove and graft fat cell-by-cell. This enhanced control allows us to sculpt subtle, artistic effects akin to what's traditionally marketed as a Mini-BBL. If more dramatic results are desired, our highly customizable treatment can deliver precisely that as well.

AirSculpt is proud to offer the next generation of body contouring, and we're here to stay. Call one of our offices or begin a virtual consultation to get started today.


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