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What Are Cankles and How Can One Treat Them in New York?


You can forget sleek riding boots, sandals, boots, and stilettos; they're simply a no-go. If you want to hide your cankles, it has also been recommended that you wear long trousers or a dress.

We've been taught to disguise our body's features that we don't like, whether it be getting a nose operation, wearing stripes to look thinner, and other bodily illusions.

Nevertheless, do you want to feel inhibited all the time? If you have cankles, do you want to be unable to wear your favorite shoes without feeling self-conscious?

What Are Cankles?

Cankles are the build-up of fatty tissue around the lower leg and ankle. The word cankle is a combination of the words calf and ankle, explicitly referring to the area where they meet.

Cankles are easily recognized due to the lack of definition between the leg and the ankle, with the area appearing swollen, puffy, and irregular.

The uneven weight distribution in the area is usually caused by genetics and is worse for those patients that carry much weight on their lower half. Those patients who tend to gain fat around their backside instead of the bust can attest that cankles are quite a problem.

The Causes Of Cankles

  • Cankles can be the result of swelling, thanks to an unhealthy diet. Diets that are high in sodium lead to water retention, resulting in puffiness and bloating across the body.
  • Temporary ankle swelling is also expected due to being immobile for some time. If you've gone on a long flight or car journey, then they may appear. Prolonged swelling can be the cause of medications such as antidepressants and contraceptives.
  • Weight gain is also a primary factor in developing excess fat tissue in the cankle area. It's more common for pregnant women to have cankles. 

How Are Cankles Treated?

Exercise such as yoga, pilates, or strength training for your legs can improve your cankle definition. Nevertheless, the improvements are minor and have little results in regulating your body's fat distribution.

You could also get cankle liposuction in New York, but you must understand that this is a traditional, invasive procedure that could result in risks and medical complications.

The Best Solution: Elite Body Sculpture New York

If you want to seamlessly improve your cankles without the risks and complications of traditional liposuction, go with the CankCüre™ by Elite Body Sculpture.

This minimally invasive procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia and comes with a downtime of only 48 hours. 

AirSculpt® on the calves and ankles is performed in the following steps:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs the ankles and calves with an AirPen device that uses pressurized air to administer medication. No needles!
  2. A tiny opening just two millimeters wide is made with a biopsy punch, a local anesthetic is applied, and laser technology is implemented to prepare the fat for extraction. No scalpels or incisions are involved!
  3. The AirSculpt® cannula uses its mechanical motion to smoothly pluck the fat from the cankles while simultaneously tightening the area's skin.
  4. The aperture can be left to heal on its own, leaving only a freckle-sized scar. No stitches!

This proprietary treatment leaves the lower legs beautifully sculpted to taper from the calves down to the ankles. If you're looking for the best cankle fat removal in New York, call us today.


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