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Want to Lose Arm Fat Quickly? Here are Some Quick and Easy Pointers

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As unexpected as it may seem, upper-arm fat is a heavily unwanted feature if you're trying to turn heads in a dress. Yes, we're talking about the 'bat-wing' arm fat, the pockets of fat that won't budge a vegetable-filled diet.

The Causes of Arm Fat

The surge of arm fat isn't solely related to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. There are some hidden, lesser-known reasons as to why it occurs. 

You may not be eating enough protein. It seems harmless to do so, yet protein makes you feel fuller for a longer time, allowing you to burn calories and build leaner muscle in the long-run.

Hormones also play a factor.  Yep, we're getting old. And as that happens, our metabolism begins to decline, causing our hormones to get off-balance. 

A slow metabolism alongside fewer burned calories results in a significant risk for weight gain. 

Not doing the right arm exercises also plays a role in your new arm fat. It's important to understand that exercises that target the arms are essential. Relying on a diet will only do so much as to tone your arms than significantly change them. 

What Can I Do To Lose Arm Fat?

Weightlifting is a sure-fire way to get rid of the 'bat wings.' Exercises such as bicep curls, push-ups, and tricep dips can do wonder over-time for your arms.

Cutting on sugar may also sound obvious, but it's usually overlooked. Exercise can give you positive results, but a high sugar intake can counteract any progress.

Never skip your breakfast! If you don't eat well in the morning, then you'll run the risk of pulling snacks out from your counter. You must schedule your time to eat and stick to it!

Arm AirSculpt® Is The Best Batwing Reducer

The best batwing killer is Arm AirSculpt®. Developed by Elite Body Sculpture, the procedure is a minimally invasive process that delivers maximal results.

It does not use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, making it void of the risks found in traditional liposuction.

Additionally, the recovery time for Arm AirSculpt® is also quite fast compared to other procedures. You're free of restrictions and limitations for only about 48 hours.

The procedure works in the following manner:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs the arms with the AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that uses pressurized air to administer medication.
  2. A symmetrical two-millimeter hole is formed with a biopsy punch, and laser technology is applied to tighten the skin and prepare the fat for extraction. 
  3. The fat is extracted with the AirSculpt® cannula, designed not to harm any surrounding tissue.
  4. The small apertures are left to heal naturally, leaving a freckle-sized mark on your arms. 

Elite Body Sculpture Denver: Remove Arm Fat Today

Now that you've understood what options you could consider when wanting to get rid of your bat wings, all that is left is that you pick! 

If you're interested in the Arm AirSculpt®, you'll have immediate results without a lengthy downtime, and no risks involved.  It's the best option to lose arm fat, quickly!

Elite Body Sculpture has followed the mission of making changes to your body a painless and comfortable experience. Deciding to undergo these changes should be on the same level as picking where to buy your clothes.

If you want positive changes to your body and lifestyle, click on Elite Body Sculpture Denver to begin your first consultation. 


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