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Arm AirSculpt Toronto

Toronto's Next Generation of Arm Fat Removal Has Arrived—Don't Risk it With Arm Liposuction

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Saggy Arms, an Arm Lift, and its Risks

Toronto may be cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep your arm fat to stay warm! Saggy arms aren’t the most appealing concept, and they aren’t the ‘bat wings’ you’re actually looking for. 

Sagging fat developed around the arms is usually caused by aging and genetics. Regardless of its origin, it’s quite a common feeling to want to get rid of it. 

The traditional and go-to approach to removing excess arm fat is through a Brachioplasty, colloquially known as an arm lift. Yet, it’s not truly your best bet. It has a plethora of potential risks such as pain, infection, excess bleeding, notable scarring, fluid accumulation, tissue damage, and adipose tissue death.

Not only that, but the procedure also requires the use of general anesthesia, which carries potential risks, including heart attack, pneumonia, stroke, and death in certain cases.

Traditional Arm Lift Recovery 

The recovery isn’t as easy as taking a stroll through the streets of Toronto. You’d have to carefully care for your wounds, follow a tedious medication regimen, and have to undergo follow-up appointments.

In order to resume your daily routine and work schedule, you’d have to wait for about two weeks before incurring any limited activity. After six weeks, you’re able to continue normal activity levels.

It sounds like a lot of waiting time to enjoy the benefits of an hour-long surgery, right?

Toronto’s New and Best Arm Sculpting Breakthrough

If you’re not into extensive recovery, long downtime, having to deal with pain or the anxiety associated with other potential post-procedure risks, then an arm lift really isn’t for you. 

That’s why Elite Body Sculpture - Toronto, Canada’s first location, is proud to provide its minimally invasive AirSculpt® technology to more areas in North America. For the first time, the link between luxurious and comfortable fat removal reaches the Great White North.

Arm AirSculpt®

Arm AirSculpt® trumps traditional arm lifts thanks to its minimally-invasive technology and unmatched comfort. You’re able to get the arms that you’d like without the use of a scalpel, a needle, stitches, or general anesthesia.

The Arm AirSculpt® consists of the following steps:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon will apply numbing medication to your arm with the AirPen, a patented device that uses pressurized air, no needle involved!
  2. A biopsy punch will then be used under your arm to create a perfectly symmetrical 2mm hole.
  3. The surgeon will then use the patented AirSculpt® cannula to extract fat cells from the arm with a non-painful spinning motion, simultaneously tightening the skin with its implemented laser technology. 
  4. No stitches are involved, the 2mm hole is naturally left to heal, leaving a tiny, freckle-sized scar.

A Quick, Efficient Recovery

Most patients can return to their normal routine after about 24-48 hours. You may experience minor swelling and pain, yet it subdues fairly quickly. You’d have to wear a compression garment for around two weeks to ensure optimal results, but you’ll be more than capable of doing exercise after a week and even having dinner the very night of the procedure.

Request A Free Consultation at Elite Body Sculpture - Toronto

If you’re interested in receiving the safest, minimally-invasive arm liposuction procedure on the market, then you’re looking for the right place. Visit our website's live chat to begin your consultation today!


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