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Most of us are scared or nervous before any procedure. From a small incision to invasive surgeries, it is common to feel nervous, but in most cases, that fear comes from the results not being as expected.

What people fear the most after getting any procedure done is to have a failed plastic surgery or, as it is most commonly known, having a botched experience. Thousands of women and men here in Canada have experienced a failed operation and think that there's no way to fix the terrible damage they have suffered — but actually, there's quite an easy way.

According to the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction is one of the most performed surgeries in the country, and of course, the idea of this procedure is to reduce the amount of unwanted fat in one specific body area, most commonly applied in the abdominal area.

The Situation: Botched Liposuction

Failed liposuction can be a varying experience for each patient. The most common condition is feeling extreme pain in the stomach area, as well as sensing and seeing an uneven appearance, almost bumpy in the treated area.

This feature is caused by taking out too much fat from one specific area, also removing fat from the wrong skin layer. Bodies have two layers of fat, the superficial and another one called visceral fat, where most of the connective tissue is. Expert plastic surgeons already know that the most amount of fat should be taken from the fascial layer.

How To Fix Uneven Liposuction

It is tough to go through an entire procedure, recovery, plus downtime, and not see the expected results. It is also essential to mention that traditional liposuction is a risky medical procedure that affects your health, so doing the right amount of research and choosing the correct doctor is part of the pre-work.

Luckily, there’s a solution to your problems, and that’s liposuction reconstruction surgery. This is a popular procedure for those unhappy with a previous surgery that still want to achieve better-looking results. 

Revision surgeries are gaining momentum because of bad past decisions. They allow you to correct what's wrong and then achieve a complete improvement on your body. AirSculpt® offers you the chance to rebalance your body with your own fat; whether it's just removing it or transferring it into other regions, we will make you look like the self you feel like.

Revision AirSculpt®: The Solution

Revision AirSculpt® drastically and instantly improves irregularities resulting from traditional liposuction and other botched body contouring options. This challenging procedure demands a unique set of skills, knowledge, and vision. At Elite Body Sculpture Toronto, our revision procedure is specifically studied and mastered by our surgeons.

The most significant improvement a procedure can provide to patients who suffered a botched procedure is the correct rebalancing of your body. Whether that means removing or transferring stubborn fat located in different body areas, we can deliver what was previously promised. 

A Fresh Start

The technology used in Revision AirSculpt® allows the procedure to have overwhelmingly successful results as expected. The cannula-like tool used enables the surgeon to be exact and precise, using an automated mechanism that gives us complete control while also allowing the cannula to move really fast. 

Once the unwanted fat has been removed from the treated area, you'll also experience tighter skin in the treated area, just one more unmatchable feature of our patented procedure.

If you’re suffering from a botched experience here in Toronto, you can find us our brand new location in the gorgeous village of Yorkville, known for its gardens and Victorian-style houses. 

Stop by our pristine office, conveniently positioned minutes from Mink Mile, after a nice walk or some retail therapy. When you enter, you'll feel instantly calm, and whether you get sculpted for the first time or resculpted, you'll leave feeling refreshed.


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