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Toronto's Best Butt Lift: Why Minimally Invasive AirSculpt® Is The Safest Way to Naturally Enhance Your Butt


A study conducted by Cosmetic Surgery Statistics Canada and Medicard established that more than half a million cosmetic enhancements were performed last year in the country. There was a 19% increase in nonsurgical procedures, while surgical procedures had significantly dropped.

President and CEO of Medicard, Ann Kaplan, establishes that the decrease in demand for a surgical procedure is directly related to the increasing acceptance of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. 

This rise in acceptance for nonsurgical procedures is also linked to the fact that the majority of these procedures are less invasive than traditional alternatives. As Ann Kaplan mentioned: getting a cosmetic procedure is similar to buying a car; it all comes down to delivery and service. But how effective and trustworthy are these nonsurgical procedures? Yes, they are less invasive, but do they work? Nonsurgical techniques and the like seem to sound like a dream come true, but how many procedures like this are a scam?

Elite Body Sculpture recognizes this need for less invasive procedures, and we also know that they don’t always work and can often be a waste of money and time. We’ve employed a minimally invasive approach to be gentle on the body while still delivering outstanding and guaranteed results. AirSculpt® is about making the switch from traditional roots to a less invasive alternative, shown by our proprietary Brazilian butt lift. With a steady spike in noninvasive cosmetic procedures and a growing demand for butt enhancements, Elite has made its mark with our minimally invasive but maximally effective Power BBL™.

AirSculpt®, Toronto’s Best Brazilian Butt Lift

The patented AirSculpt® technology by Elite Body Sculpture is the new luxury standard for a Brazilian buttock lift fat transfer. It brings the minimally-invasive legacy of liposuction nature to the Great White North. 

The first Elite Body Sculpture location in Canada situated in Toronto signifies an excellent stepping stone toward spreading superior AirSculpt® technology to the rest of North America. This means a significantly lower rate of complications if you’re interested in a Brazilian butt lift.

Why AirSculpt® is the Best Way to Enhance Your Butt

Elite Body Sculpture is proud to offer the Power Brazilian Butt Lift™. This precise cosmetic procedure will give you the butt of your desires without the use of a scalpel, general anesthesia, or significant scarring.

The Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ consists of a natural fat transplant that begins with numbing the soon-to-be treated area with an AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that administers topical lidocaine into your system with localized air pressure, no needles involved.

The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon will then create a perfectly symmetrical 2mm aperture with a biopsy punch, which heals without even needing stitches. Then, they insert the AirSculpt® cannula, a specialized device used to seamlessly extract fat, cell by cell, from the ‘trouble areas’ of your body.

The surgeon will then fill and sculpt your butt with the extracted fat, giving you a show-stopping behind.

AirSculpt® Technology = Fewer Risks

Although risks exist with any procedure, AirSculpt® has a lower rate of complications since it is better for lymphatics and does not require general anesthesia.

The Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ gives you more natural-looking results with incomparably shorter downtime. After an AirSculpt® fat transfer, return to the Toronto workflow after 48 hours. Not only that, but dramatic results also are visible immediately. 

Traditional Brazilian butt lift procedures require that you have a strict downtime of one to two weeks, often with an extended and painful recovery even beyond that downtime, depending on the scale of the surgery. This drawn-out downtime means that returning to your schedule will only be possible after two weeks of rest. 

Toronto’s Best Fat Transfer

Elite Body Sculpture prides itself on offering buttocks fat grafting procedures that no other provider can match. With AirSculpt® technology, you don’t just lose fat, you gain your ideal body. 


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