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This Six-Pack Surgery Sculpts Your Abs in No Time, Houston

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Getting a flat, sculpted abdominal area seems unattainable for some people, but in reality, getting sculpted, ideal abs is easier than ever before. Thanks to social media, we are more exposed than ever to perfect bodies and, in most cases, perfect abs.

This exposure may make us want their bodies badly, but for most of us here in Houston, such an achievement might seem impossible due to our hectic and upbeat lives. When diet and exercise just aren't enough, there are some incredible procedures out there that can help you get a six-pack (or even 8-pack) in minimal time, all in a safe, secure, and unique way.

According to recent research, abdominal sculpting has gained popularity due to its fast results, natural-looking definition, and because of the secure way it removes unwanted fat.

Among the different procedures available in Texas are AirSculpt's 48-Hour Six Pack procedure, abdominal etching, and traditional or other versions of liposuction. Continue reading to find out the differences between them for you to make the right choice.

Different Types of Ab Procedures:

Liposuction has always been thought of as the primary procedure to reduce unwanted fat in different body areas. Several liposuction techniques can help you achieve a sculpted abdominal area, such as:

  • Power-Assisted Lipo: a vibrating cannula inserted in the body areas removes the fat cells, allowing the doctor to remove large amounts of fat in a small amount of time. The recovery is a little bit shorter than traditional liposuction, but this procedure can create bruising from the fast movements.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Lipo (UAL): ultrasonic waves dislodge and affect the fat cells, allowing the removal process to be much faster because the fat has been prepared for extraction. The recovery process is a little longer due to the invasiveness of the procedure.
  • Laser-Assisted Lipo: laser pulses and energy are applied to liquefy the unwanted fat cells, in theory allowing for faster removal. If the wrong wavelength if used, however, irreversible damage can occur.

Abdominal etching is another name for six-pack liposculpture, created to achieve a more defined look in the abdominal area. This procedure is for those who have a muscular stomach, eat a regular healthy diet, and exercise often. The name comes from the idea of etching or defining a shape, in this case, the abs. 

AirSculpt® for Abs: 48-Hour Six Pack

When you choose AirSculpt® as your method to achieve those perfect abs, you need to know that this is not just as fat removal treatment. It is based on the idea of putting the patient first, understanding your needs and expectations.

The AirSculpt® process only requires a tiny incision created with a biopsy punch rather than using a scalpel—because of this, we don't have to use stitches or leave you with significant, everlasting scars. With our patented technology, we gently remove your unwanted fat cell by cell without any trouble.

That fat that's hiding your abs, waist, and obliques will be removed through our artistic and meticulous process to reveal the muscle tone underneath and achieve that defined six-pack you've always wanted. Most patients see a defined set of abs ethced into their stomach within two days of treatment.

Among the procedures out there, AirSculpt® offers the most natural-looking results with the best experience. Some people consider traditional liposuction or abdominal etching to achieve a perfect looking six-pack, and even though these procedures might give you a good-looking abdomen, the side effects and risks may be more significant than the results.

AirSculpt® requires minimal to almost no recovery time. In less than 48-hours, you can be back on your feet, working your way through Houston's downtown streets.

Where in Houston Can I Get This Six-Pack Surgery?

The decision to obtain a sculpted stomach through body contouring methods is an important one. Six-pack surgery should not be taken lightly, and that decision comes with the proper research and preparation.

If you're ready to get to know more about the experience, the procedure, and the benefits of getting your dream six-pack with AirSculpt®, be sure to get away from the buzz of our city and visit us in our Houston location in the Women's Place right off Old Spanish Trail.

You're more than welcome to visit us with no strings attached. Come and ask us any questions and settle any concerns. Our staff is happy to help book an appointment with any of our board-certified doctors for a consultation.


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