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The Real Cost of A Nashville Tummy Tuck— Is The Pain Worth It?

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Nashvillians, let's face the facts: even if we have a healthy lifestyle that includes a complete weekly workout, balanced diet, and healthful habits, most of us still deal with stubborn fat pockets.

Luckily, we live in a city where advanced medical and surgical options are readily available to help us achieve our aesthetic goals and expectations. One of the most asked-for, popular procedures when it comes to body sculpting is the tummy tuck.

When talking about cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks or fat reduction methods, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Cost doesn't just mean what you pay, but also entails the physical and emotional cost patients may incur as well.

For those who are not familiar with the term, a tummy tuck refers to a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat to restore the abdominal area's typical look. Tummy tucks aim to provide a much smoother and firmer abdomen, and also restore separated or weakened muscles.

Most of the patients that choose to get this procedure are new moms that wish to return to their pre-baby body. Nevertheless, this experience might be more traumatic than anything you've ever done before, and here is why.

Why Tummy Tucks Might Not Be Worth It

Sagging skin or excess fat can appear due to several conditions. Regardless of the reason, these undesired effects can cause a significant change to your abdominal area. Hereditary loose skin, aging, prior surgeries, extreme weight loss, and pregnancy (or a result of C-section), just to name a few, can all cause such stomach troubles.

Pregnant women that delivered their babies through a C-Section might consider this procedure to remove the excess skin caused by the natural growth of the baby near the abdomen area. Still, a tummy tuck procedure might not entirely eliminate your cesarean pooch or excess fat the way you want it. 

Tummy tucks also involve a large list of risks and side effects that may affect your overall expectations and body goals. These risks may include:

  • Severe bleeding and infections
  • Poor wound healing
  • Death of fatty tissues found in the skin (fat necrosis)
  • Vein thrombosis (collapsing veins)
  • Cardiac or pulmonary complications
  • Anesthesia complications

Even if complications do not appear, downtime for this surgery is around a painful four weeks, with follow up check-ups and no movement or activities during that time.

AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ As a Solution

Unlike the tummy tuck, AirSculpt® fat removal is a much faster, reliable, and successful process. Compared with the more invasive tummy tuck, Tiny Tuck™ uses dissolvable sutures and local, not general anesthesia. You're awake throughout the procedure, no drains are used, and downtime is minimal. Most patients return to work and normal activities in three days. 

The benefits of Tiny Tuck™ versus a traditional tummy tuck are far more than just downtime. These also include the emotional cost of undergoing surgery and achieving results the way you expect them to be. Some benefits are:

  • No general anesthesia used, only local
  • Dissolvable stitches, meaning no removal required (leaving no extreme scar)
  • No drains needed
  • The procedure can be combined with AirSculpt® fat removal
  • Most people return to normal activities in 3 days

AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ allows you to gain that additional boost of confidence. A Nashville AirSculpt® patient recently mentioned that her baby was the most significant gift she received, but the weight she gained after childbirth caused her a lot of stress. 

"The painless Tiny Tuck™ procedure helped me get back on my feet feeling like myself again, and in no time, I was back with my original body like I wanted.

If you're interested in AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ and want to know more about this life-changing treatment, find our brand new Nashville office, located right off the 431 in the heart of Green Hills. Pristine and luxurious, you'll walk out feeling refreshed—with the bonus of a transformed body!


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