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The Real Causes and Reasons Why You Have Large Front Thighs

Causes Of Front Thigh Fat

If you eat more calories than you can burn, your body stores them since they aren't being used. Those extra calories turn into fat, the most dreaded term for anyone wanting to lose weight.

The World Health Organization states that there's been an increase in energy-dense foods and a link to less physical activity. And as we all know, being less active is a fundamental cause of weight gain.

The fat you've accumulated from poor eating habits is distributed throughout your body depending on your genetic makeup. Women tend to store it in their hips, lower stomach, and inner thighs. Men tend to carry fat more around the abdomen and inner thighs.

Inner thigh fat is what we'll focus on today, given that it's quite challenging to get rid of through natural means.

If you have thigh fat, you must understand that it can form in two ways: subcutaneous fat, located below the skin, and intramuscular fat, found within the muscle.

Fat Front Thigh Loss

As with any form of weight loss, a well-planned-out combination of diet and exercise will help obtain the results you're looking for.

As we know that the excess of calories leads to fat accumulation, we must begin to eat with a deficit of calories to lose fat.

If you eat 500 fewer calories a day, you will approximately lose about a pound of fat per week.

You should also follow these dietary tips to help out with losing front thigh fat:

  • Reduce processed foods and sodium intake
  • Reduce white starch intake
  • Drink just water
  • Eat lean proteins
  • Fill up half of your plate with vegetables

You must understand that undergoing a calorie deficit does not imply that you're supposed to be hungry throughout the process. Eat low-calorie foods in larger quantities to feel full all day.

Cardio And Strength Training

To maximize your gym results, you should do both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is sustained over more extended periods, such as walking, biking, and jogging. Anaerobic exercise is high-intensity interval training and strength training.

Cardio exercises are optimal for losing fat. You won't target fat loss on your front thighs; it just doesn't work that way. The only way to lose fat is overall, and what better way to get your whole body active by cardio?

The Front Thigh AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture

If exercise and diet have given you results, but you're still interested in more significant changes, then consider undergoing the Front Thigh AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture.

The minimally invasive fat removal process seamlessly contours your upper leg without the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

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