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The Dreaded Cankle, Defined: What Are They and How Do I Treat Them in LA?


What is a Cankle?

Cankles are the slang term that combines the word calf and ankle, referring to fat in the lower leg. When you have cankles, you'll find it quite challenging to differentiate the definition between the calf and ankle.

This occurs due to excess fat around the ankle, making it look like a straight trunk down the lower leg, as opposed to a gradually tapered look most people desire. 

While having fat ankles is practically just a cosmetic problem, most people who have them are unsatisfied with their appearance, usually causing a lack of self-confidence. 

Skinny people can quickly develop cankles due to hormonal or genetic reasons, even if they have little excess fat in other areas. As you'll learn below, genetics is one of the significant causes of calf and ankle fat.

The Causes of Cankles

When you have fat ankles, you'll realize you've got 'cankle definition.' That's just another way of saying that you lack a definition between the calf and ankle.


Genetic predisposition is one of the reasons why this occurs. Due to pregnancy, age, or weight gain, women will tend to store fat in their bodies' lower areas.

Additionally, while some women are born with thin frames, and others are prone to wider ones, the ankles' structural differences will also vary. 

Medical Issues

Occasionally, the cause of fat ankles can be symptoms of a pressing medical issue. Therefore it's always recommended that you discuss with your physician to pinpoint the reason behind your swollen ankles.

Diet Habits

While genetics can largely dictate how your calves and ankles store excess fat, they do not prevent you from altering their appearance via holistic fat-loss approaches. 

A proper diet is one of the best habits to pick up for fat-burning. Don't fall into the endless variety of fad diets you can find on the internet.

Whether becoming a vegan or sticking to lean meats, you will only burn fat if your diet follows a calorie deficit regime.

A calorie deficit consists of eating fewer calories than your recommended value for some time. Eating 500 fewer calories than your body burns daily could equate to losing about a pound of fat per week. This approach will help burn fat throughout the body, which is the only way to reduce stubborn pockets. In other words, there is no way to directly dictate to the body to lose cankles. This would only be possible with a cosmetic procedure like liposuction. 

Cankle Reduction With Liposuction  

Various health clinics in Los Angeles offer liposuction as a permanent solution to remove fat from the ankles.

Liposuction treatments for the ankles generally involve using micro-liposculpting techniques to remove excess fat and define the calf and ankle area.

These operations involve a surgeon placing two incisions around the leg's outer side and the area between the calf and ankle. A cannula is then used to suction the fat from the determined areas while the patient is under general anesthesia. 

The AirSculpt® CankCüre™ by Elite Body Sculpture

If you're not interested in undergoing invasive liposuction, you should opt for the minimally invasive AirSculpt® CankCüre™ by Elite Body Sculpture.

Our procedures are considered the safest and most precise form of cankle removal because our patented technology does not use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. 

This cankle treatment's downtime is a maximum of 48 hours, which is significantly much less than that of ankle liposuction. Still, despite its lack of invasiveness, this technology's robotic spinning mechanism enables surgeons to artistically sculpt the lower leg region to the exact look patients desire. From restoring symmetry to previously uneven legs to delivering a beautifully tapered appearance, AirSculpt® offers a permanent solution to the dreaded cankle.

For more information on what we could do for you, head to Elite Body Sculpture Beverly Hills or any of our more than 20 body contouring offices worldwide for your first consultation. 


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