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The Danger of a Cheap Fat Transfer to the Butt: Avoid Becoming an L.A. Horror Story

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Butt augmentation procedures are among the most coveted cosmetic surgeries. Yet, most patients that undergo these procedures only look forward to the results and do not study the dangers encountered during the process.

Of course, this may lead to a wide array of complications, given that there's a lack of understanding of what these procedures entail.

One of the prominently dangerous augmentation procedures is butt implants. It's important to note that the results that stem from implants are far less natural-looking than natural fat transfers.

Additionally, your body is smarter than you think. When the immune system knows there's a foreign object present within the body (implants), it begins to attack it. There are cases in which the immune system attacks your own body because of the presence of the foreign object. As of now, the direct causes of this are unknown, but the relationship between implants and these immunity disorders is evident.

Another increasingly popular procedure is the Brazilian butt lift. In this case, it doesn't use implants, but instead, uses your fat to augment and contour your butt. Traditional Brazilian butt lifts contain risks of their own, such as asymmetry and general anesthetic complications.

Read on to learn more risks about these procedures.

The Dangers of Faulty Brazilian Butt Lifts 

  • Visiting an unlicensed practitioner: Experience is essential for any cosmetic procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift. Government limitations on when and what procedures surgeons can perform is very flimsy. Therefore you must always inform yourself about the surgeon you are interested in, specifically their experience in butt augmentation procedures.
  • Fat Embolisms: During the fat extraction and insertion processes, a piece of fat may lodge itself into a blood vessel, resulting in the blockage of blood flow.
  • Unsterile Surgical Instruments: The physician's failure to sterilize the operating area and tools can gravely affect the health of the patient. It exposes them to infection and complications that may result in the necessity of more medical attention to handle.

Therefore, What Procedure is Risk-Free for Augmenting the Butt?

The AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) is the optimal butt lifting procedure on the market. This minimally invasive process that is virtually painless and void of the many risks that traditional methods have.

That's because AirSculpt® is tailored to two aspects: delivering precise results and prioritizing patient comfort. Elite Body Sculpture team members understand they're not only sculpting your butt into its desired shape but also submitting to a process made to change how you feel about yourself for the better.

What Traditional Procedures Are Unable to Match

The AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) is a procedure that doesn't require the use of a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia.

Given these unbeatable features, why it with implants or traditional butt lifts? Are you willing to chance having to receive revision surgery to correct a botched fat transfer?

If you want to sculpt your body and boost your confidence, begin your first consultation with us today.


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