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The 5 Plastic Surgery Trends and Updates in 2020 You Need to Know

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Within an image-obsessed society, the desire to look one of a kind is as common as possible. Everyone is now aiming to become how they look when their phone filters are used in a selfie. 

Since 2000, the amount of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has skyrocketed by an increment of 200%. As its popularity has increased, various cosmetic houses have created and patented their take on minimally invasive cosmetic processes to join the competition.

The various types of plastic surgery trends include the following:

Easy Access Injectables

Minimally invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular because they're cheaper, have fewer risks, and low downtime. One of these prominent products is injectables. They account for around 80% of all facial treatments that plastic surgeons perform, such as Botox and fillers. 

Cosmetic Treatments Aren't Just For Women.

Various men are incurring upon making subtle changes to their image. The want for classic masculine features and a decrease in social stigma has made them much more accessible.

The Trend of Smaller, Subtle Changes

The era of substantial breast enhancements, big and bold lips, and other exaggerated cosmetic results is slowly coming to an end. Successful plastic surgeries are the ones where the results aren't noticeable. General face structures and inherited traits are now considerably preserved. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are all about the tweaks.

No More Medical Tourism! Quality Is Local

The trend of international medical tourism is decreasing as well. The risk of going for a low-cost alternative doesn't guarantee quality results.

Local and regional cosmetic services match these prices, given the lower cost nature of minimally invasive procedures. That being said, given the quality control and legal standards of these procedures in the states, traveling to make changes to your body is no longer necessary. 

Body Contouring Is Soaring

Nowadays, patients are more interested in adjusting their curves. This has minimized risk in ending up with asymmetrical results that the patient is going to end up wanting to fix with revision surgery.

This is now the era for precise technology and risk-free procedures to their stance over traditional cosmetic surgeries.

The Patented AirSculpt®  Process: Next Generation Fat Removal

AirSculpt® was developed and patented by Elite Body Sculpture, a breakthrough technology used within cosmetic fat removal.

It's a procedure that does not use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Nor does it result in its risks and noticeable scarring.

The recovery time trumps competitors on all fronts. While procedures within the realm of cosmetic surgery trends can have you resting for weeks, with AirSculpt®, you're able to return to your daily routine in 48 hours.

Join The Ultimate Trend

At Elite Body Sculpture, we focus not only on making changes to the body but also on your confidence. AirSculpt® technology was invented to offer patients a way to make changes to their bodies without worrying about risks. 

If you're looking forward to the safest way to remove fat from your body, go to Elite Body Sculpture to begin your first consultation. 


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