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AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ Nashville

Skip The Tummy Tuck, Nashville: Get A Flat Belly With AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™

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Our ninth location and the newest addition to the south, Elite Body Sculpture Nashville is proud to offer the patented AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™. Much safer and far less invasive than a tummy tuck, this unique procedure is designed to remove excess skin with just a minimal incision and dissolvable stitches. 

Of the many procedures we offer here at Elite, our Tiny Tuck™ is the only one that can be performed with or without AirSculpt® technology. This patented body sculpting technique gently plucks away fat cells, permanently removing them from you. A Tiny Tuck™ corrects a different type of problem area—loose skin around the lower abdomen. 

Whether you’ve recently lost some weight, had a baby, or grown impatient with age-related skin sag, the Tiny Tuck™ can tighten your unwanted loose skin. Performed on the lower half of your stomach, the short-lived procedure resolves extra skin in one session with just local anesthesia. Plus, with a short downtime of 24 to 48 hours, patients heal quickly far more quickly than following other skin lift procedures.

A Tiny Tuck™ for C-Section Moms

One-third of mothers in the United States give birth through the cesarean process. With 10,000 babies born each day, that means over 3,000 women receive C-sections daily. These troopers must endure a tiresome recovery, and after months of pain, are left with extra skin and a unique scar. 

Getting a painful Tummy Tuck followed by a lengthy downtime right after going through a never-ending C-section recovery may not seem to be worth it. Busy mothers may not feel this dreadful process is worth it just to gain back their confidence. For many women, however, gaining back their pre-baby body image could make a world of difference. Motherhood doesn’t need to mean sacrificing your figure. Mother and AirSculpt® patient Chef Ahki said it best before her procedure,

 “I got used to a certain pre-baby figure, and although I am so grateful for my child and still feel confident, I’d love to get back into my pre-motherhood clothes and have my body back!”

Should I Get Tiny Tuck™ With or Without AirSculpt®?

Tiny Tuck™ is strictly a removal of skin, so why do we perform them here at if our other procedures are all AirSculpt®-based? The answer is simple. We know how well a Tiny Tuck™ couples with AirSculpt® technology. Combining this skin removal with our proprietary fat-removing technology makes for the most ideal, smooth results possible. 

This combination represents the perfect cocktail for a busy mom who works out when she can, but still can’t seem to do away will that stubborn pooch of belly fat. The Tiny Tuck™ takes care of the loose skin, and AirSculpt® gently removes excess belly fat, resulting in a perfectly flat belly. 

While Tummy Tucks pierce a new belly button into existence and require you to be put to sleep, a combination of AirSculpt® technology with our Tiny Tuck™ makes for a gentler way of achieving a flat belly. You have one body, so take good care of it. Don’t settle for less.

“Just Work Out,” They Say

Finding the time to exercise and prepare healthy foods daily can be particularly difficult when raising a new baby and recovering from a C-section. You could be a year or two in and active as you’ve ever been, but it can still feel like the extra baby weight never left. Like Chef Ahki told our staff, 

“I have certainly worked on my body. Ladies know that after a cesarean section, you can barely walk for weeks and are sore for months. After about a year, I could work out more but that stubborn area on my belly just didn’t get back to the way it was.”

More than anyone, moms know what it’s like to simply not have the time. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to put forward the best version of ourselves. There’s no shame in going for that extra push, that kickstart to properly bounce back to our old bodies and our former selves. Let Tummy AirSculpt®, Tiny Tuck™, or both be that push.


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