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What is Stomach Liposuction?

Stomach liposuction, also known as abdomen liposuction, is an invasive fat-removal procedure. The goal of this procedure is to achieve a more contoured, thinner appearance. Stomach liposuction involves numbing the target area, making incisions in the body, and removing the fat through the incisions. Some procedures use non-traditional approaches, such as using ultrasonic energy to soften the fat before removal, or laser liposuction, which burns the fat before removal. No matter which type of liposuction procedure you choose, all have the same common goal: remove the fat from your body's target area.

The Truth About Stomach Liposuction

For those seeking a smoother, more contoured appearance, especially around their abdomen, stomach liposuction can prove to be tantalizing. This buzzworthy procedure is a household term, and just about everyone seems to have an opinion on stomach liposuction. Celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Jamie Lee Curtis, and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, are the first to boast about liposuction's wonders. However, is this procedure really all it seems? The truth is this: stomach liposuction has some intense disadvantages that many seem to ignore.

Stomach liposuction often involves general anesthesia. Many forget that anesthesia has a laundry list of side effects, including but not limited to dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, twitching muscles, and more. A dangerous yet rare side effect of anesthesia is lidocaine toxicity, a syndrome that causes central nervous system and heart problems. Further, general anesthetics only serve to increase the cost of the procedure. This means that when calculating the price of your fat removal, you also have to factor in hidden fees.

Stomach liposuction is an incredibly invasive procedure. Due to the invasiveness of the process, liposuction candidates will experience trauma in the target areas. Soreness, bruising, and swelling should be expected and anticipated with this abrasive procedure.

Stomach liposuction has extensive downtime. Stomach liposuction is not for those who do not have time to spare in downtime. Due to the abrasiveness of the procedure, candidates should restrict activities until they are fully healed.

How is Stomach AirSculpt® Different?

Like Stomach liposuction, Stomach AirSculpt® directly removes stubborn fat from the abdomen. Candidates of Stomach AirSculpt® are happy with their results, and the improvement of their individual self-esteem is immeasurable. Stomach AirSculpt®, however, differentiates itself from competitors like stomach liposuction in its technological superiority and prioritization of candidates' physical safety.

Stomach AirSculpt® prioritizes candidates' safety in the surgeons' use of the patented AirSculpt® cannula. This device individually plucks fat cells from the target area. Compare this technologically superior device, which will automatically stop if it hits a muscle or tissue, to the harsh, abrasive tactics of traditional stomach liposuction. Denver residents, check out our Denver location to discover if Stomach AirSculpt® is right for you.


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