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Silicone Breast Implants vs AirSculpt® Breast Augmentation: Seattle—Weighing the Risks

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Having beautiful breasts like those you see on social media has become the dream of many women worldwide. Here in Seattle, women are more up to date than most thanks to the city's forward-thinking mindset. They know what they want and go for it too. 

These ways of thinking also include how they present themselves and their importance to first impressions, self-image, and how others perceive them. As we all know, this also includes fixing things that we don't like. 

Why Do Women Get Breast Implants?

Research shows that surgeons believe their patients seek cosmetic surgery because: 

  • They have a deep desire to look the way they feel on the inside. 
  • They believe they will feel more accepted in the workspace.
  • They feel they can have better job opportunities. 
  • They need to conceal parts of their body that they perceive as being "damaged."

Even though all these reasons are entirely valid, the idea behind getting any cosmetic procedure should not be centered on how others perceive you. Invasive procedures such as breast augmentations should be something you do for yourself and not for anyone else.

What Other Breast Augmentation Options Are Out There?

There are different ways to achieve bigger, perkier breasts, such as traditional breast implants surgery or newer, safer solutions such as the Up A Cup™ Breast Enhancement. Both of them will give deliver changes to your breasts, but it is essential to understand the difference between them and the risks they could carry.

A breast augmentation with implants is a cosmetic procedure that enhances a woman's natural breast size and shape with either silicone or saline implants. Implants are silicone shells filled with either silicone gel or saline, which is basically saltwater. Many patients in Seattle choose silicone gel implants because they are durable and look and feel almost natural.

Up A Cup™ Breast Enhancement uses your own natural fat to shape the naturally augmented look women desire. Our surgeons first use AirSculpt® technology to pluck fat cell by cell, and then transfer it to the breasts with artistic, meticulous expertise. 

Risks and Side Effects

With AirSculpt®, the risks and side effects are minimal because no implants, foreign substances, or harmful objects go inside your body. 

Your own fat is transferred from one area of your body to the breasts all without using a scalpel—which means we don't use stitches or leave you with prominent, everlasting scars. Soreness and low pain from the procedure should be expected for 24 hours, and patients return to work in just a couple of days.

Silicone implants carry many side effects that may include swelling, sharp pain, bleeding, capsular contracture, or even infection around the implant. 

Some patients have suffered from a severe infection, changes in nipple sensation, and even breakage or leakage of the implant, resulting in a second surgery required to resolve these issues. 

Which One Should I Choose?

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a personal one. What you should consider is that invasive surgeries may affect your immune system, not delivering the expected results. A healthy amount of research is always recommended no matter what choice you end up making.

If you want to know more about AirSculpt® in Seattle, come and visit us right amongst the sleek buildings of Bellevue, where you'll find our Elite office. Don't let the hectic flow of the city get to you. Our luxurious environment and experienced staff will be ready to help you by answering any questions, settling concerns, or assisting you with setting up a consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons.


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