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Should I Get Lipo 360 or a BBL? How to Pick The Correct Treatment

Should I Get Lipo 360 or a BBL? How to Pick The Correct Treatment

Modern times have shown tremendous growth in the aesthetic enhancement market. More men and women are considering undergoing popular procedures such as Lipo 360 and the Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

Put together, they're a combination of two separate, popular body contouring procedures that will give change your body to a curvier physique. While traditional BBLs utilize liposuction to harvest fat from the problem areas, Lipo 360 has the function of slimming several regions of the body, allowing for a more toned appearance.

Elite Body Sculpture performs several fat removal procedures every year, which is why we're here to tell you which method is best depending on your aesthetic goals.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Traditional BBL surgery consists of placing incisions where fat can be harvested, which tends to be the stomach and abdominal area. Fat is then suctioned from the site with a cannula and is then inserted into a specialized syringe to be reinjected into the buttocks.

The fat is continuously injected into strategic points to ensure aesthetic contours and a shape that is enhanced but natural. A Brazilian butt lift has the advantage of using your fat to contour the buttocks, which means that another area of your body is being slimmed down as well. Given that it's your fat, the results tend to look more natural than they would with implants.

Liposuction 360

Lipo360 is a combination of various liposuction procedures designed to contour the body in an overall manner. While doing one specific liposuction procedure can change the appearance of your body, sometimes the new results cause other areas with excess fat to stand out.

Therefore, Lipo360 is designed to provide patients with a technique to counteract a lack of symmetry and help those wanting to rejuvenate several areas at once.

Which One Should I Pick?

Lipo 360 or BBL? It depends on your aesthetic goals. Of course, a BBL is best for someone that wants to enhance their buttocks. If they're satisfied with the results of their BBL they could just leave it at that. But if they feel like some part of their body isn't matching their new aesthetic, coupling it with Lipo 360 would be a great idea.

Another case will be if you don't want to significantly enhance one part of the body but rather make subtle enhancements throughout your whole body, which would make Lipo360 the better choice.

Get Your Procedures Done With Elite Body Sculpture

Elite Body Sculpture can quickly answer the question surrounding Lipo360 vs. BBL. We offer the safest and most comfortable alternative to liposuction in Atlanta.  

Our line of AirSculpt procedures can remove fat from your body without using a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, allowing for scar-free results and short recovery. Furthermore, the mechanized design of our patented technology ensures perfectly even fat removal and transfer results are achieved.

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Atlanta office to schedule your first consultation. 


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