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Seattle Upper Back Liposuction: Dispelling Fact From Fiction

Seattle Upper Back Liposuction: Dispelling Fact From Fiction

What is Upper Back Fat Liposuction, Seattle?

Upper back fat liposuction is a cosmetic surgery to treat excess fat on your back. Upper back fat is a common issue for many, especially women. Some women will find that as they gain weight, they will develop excess rolls. Back fat is an issue in women because bras worsen and exasperate the problem, sometimes even causing unsightly bulges to form. Besides aesthetics, back fat can cause other problems, such as weakening back muscles.

After undergoing upper back liposuction, you will find that your natural proportions have returned, and you will have achieved a more symmetric silhouette. Your clothes will fit better, and you will feel an overall boost of confidence. Best of all, even if you gain weight, your new proportions will be maintained. Seattle, if you want to remove your stubborn upper back fat, then this procedure is for you. 

What Is the Recovery Process?

The most important thing to remember about the recovery process for not just this procedure, but any procedure is this: the most essential suggestions come from your doctor. Remember that the information provided from this article are generalizations, and only your doctor will provide information personalized to your unique experience.

Otherwise, remember to get plenty of rest for a healthy recovery process, eat well, and stay hydrated. Light exercises, such as walks, are another step in healthy recovery. For the first three days after the procedure, you will have to wear a compression garment around the treated areas. These garments help the body contour process and reduce side effects, such as swelling. Depending on your circumstances, you may also have small drains to prevent unwanted side effects, such as fluid build-up. During the beginning portion of your recovery process, try your best to limit unnecessary physical activity. Expect moderate pain and soreness during this time frame. Fortunately, you can treat any discomfort with over the counter medications.

During the first two weeks, you will need to continue wearing your compression garments. Any pain or soreness should reduce during this time frame. Unless you have a labor-intensive job, you will be able to return to work during this period.

During the first three to five weeks, results begin to appear. Although you may experience swelling, you will notice no discomfort. Refrain from extensive exercising until week six and beyond.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Upper Back Fat Liposuction?

The ideal candidate for upper back fat liposuction is a non-smoker, has relatively good health, has a healthy diet, consistently exercises, and has no pre-existing conditions. Most importantly, the ideal candidate has excess back fat, which they are seeking to remove. Men and women alike can undergo this procedure.

Why is AirSculpt the Superior Method for Fat Removal?

Where other procedures can only promise results, AirSculpt can promise personalization and precision at an unmatchable level. With AirSculpt, you will not have to worry about dangerous side effects, such as those common with general anesthetics. You will also not have to worry about disproportionate body shape because the AirSculpt procedure involves the individual removal of each fat cell. To properly understand our AirSculpt positions itself as a superior alternative, you must learn about the procedure in depth.

First, our surgeon uses our patented AirPen to numb the skin around the targeted area. The AirPen is a patented tool that distributes topical numbing solutions to the targeted area using air pressure differentials.

Second, our surgeon uses a biopsy punch tool to create a perfectly symmetrical and incredibly minuscule entry point. Unlike competing procedures that leave its patients with large, noticeable scars, you will heal with an inconspicuous, tiny scar. Our surgeons achieve this feat because our surgeon performs the entire fat removal procedure through the small entryway. This type of precision is emblematic of AirSculpt’s more excellent quality of a procedure.

Afterward, our surgeon applies a local anesthetic to the target area. Local anesthetics are a safer alternative to general anesthesia. While tightening the skin, our surgeon softens the fat in preparation for extraction.

The final step of the procedure is the removal of the fat through the entryway. Carefully, our surgeon uses the AirSculpt cannula to pluck upper back fat cells through the entryway individually. Our surgeon selectively targets and removes stubborn fat pockets with a precision level that no other form of liposuction can match!


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