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Ah, the muffin top... let’s talk about those unwelcome “love” handles. Plenty of women have very little love for that part of our bodies, and a lot of us aren’t sure they should be called love handles in the first place. Whatever the reason may be, I have some myself and started to look into them to see what I could do to eliminate them from my body. 

I began to dig in and found out that these so-called “love handles,” referring to the surplus of fat sitting right above the hip and torso, are mostly genetic. Yes, my friend, you are born with this extra donut-like fat surrounding your body. No wonder it’s been the hardest weight to lose! 

While doing my research, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about this cutting-edge technology called AirSculpt® that could help eliminate my bulging waistline. Furthermore, it is available here in the breathtaking and windy city of Chicago! 

So let me go on a little further… 

I am an all-natural, nothing added kind of girl. So this AirSculpt®  technology is an idea worth considering. 

AirSculpt® was created to take away fat from unwanted places while keeping patients in a constant state of comfort. You can either remove fat and leave it there, or you can transfer the fat to enhance an area like the breast or even the buttocks. I think I’d like to go for my breasts, but you can do as you wish with the fully customizable AirSuclpt®.

This minimally invasive procedure doesn’t even require general anesthesia. The flow goes like this: a professional surgeon will numb the skin (without a needle) to create an entryway that helps prevent pain while lessening bruising. A local anesthetic solution is applied to soften the fat and prepare the area, after which the surgeon seamlessly removes stubborn fat with the proprietary AirSculpt® technology. 

You can use AirSculpt® technology in so many ways. Choose to augment the size of your breasts through a fat transfer procedure, get a Brazilian butt lift, opt for plain old fat removal, and so much more. 

One of the most astonishing parts of this technique, which really caught my eye, is that you can get back to work in 24 hours. Yes, you can sculpt your entire stomach, including the waist, hips, and stomach, and get right back to work. Living in Chicago means a hectic lifestyle. There is so much to do and little time to do it in. Time is precious. Time is priceless. 

This seems to be the ticket to finally getting the body that I know I already have. 

For me, taking care of my body and looking excellent means feeling good. I know giving it the boost I want professionally means achieving the body that I know I can have. Getting this procedure can eliminate the genetic component, and the rest falls on me!  

Of course, I will always recommend having a healthy lifestyle. This means including low-calorie, low-sugar, all-natural goodness that helps you build energy and burn fat. Move your body while working out and moving your body to burn fat and build muscle. Not only is this beneficial for your physical health, but also for your mental health! 

Once you’ve gotten your boost with the most talented cosmetic surgeons in Chicago, you can maintain and even improve your figure using some of the following tips:

  1. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day. 
  2. Eat fruits every day and include vegetables in all our meals. 
  3. Avoid eating sugar. A lot of foods contain it; read the labels. 
  4. Choose just two days a week to include red meats in your diet. 
  5. Go out, move your body. High-intensity training is highly recommended, but even going on a 30-minute walk can make a huge difference. 
  6. High-intensity training includes short intervals of high-intensity exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, and more. 

For a personalized workout, contact a trainer. For your AirSculpt® procedure, contact our Chicago office today! 


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