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Phoenix's Best Solution for Asymmetrical Breasts

Phoenix's Best Solution for Asymmetrical Breasts

Basically every woman on the planet has a breast that's bigger than the other. In some women, the difference in size and shape is very noticeable.

Having uneven, asymmetrical breasts can be a significant worry in most women. Nevertheless, they shouldn't have to worry; it's possible to obtain an even cleavage with the help of cosmetic procedures.

The Potential Issues Of Having Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to have similarities. Women might experience issues with buying clothes and bras that fit well. 

Confidence issues are also common for women with asymmetrical breasts. In no form or fashion is having asymmetry potential health risks; it's only a cosmetic issue.

Other factors surrounding asymmetrical breasts are uneven size, a difference in nipple size, and even an irregular positioning of the nipple.

Asymmetrical Breast Treatment

There are different manners in which asymmetrical breasts can be treated. All cosmetic procedures can be tailored to your individual needs, meaning that patients could require an implant or a reduction to obtain the results they want.

In general terms, corrective options for breast asymmetry mainly boils down to the following procedures:

- Breast augmentation

- Breast reduction

- Breast uplift

- Nipple repositioning

- Fat transfer augmentation

Bigger or Smaller Breasts?

Most patients look forward to making the smallest breast larger, but the larger breast being reduced to match the other is often more common.

While it's not the option most patients want, surgeons consider it to be the optimal option, given that asymmetry is about having a better shape.

It's also important to consider that corrective breast surgery entails that the other breast undergoes surgery. That's because the procedure's idea is to have two breasts that look as similar as possible.

This entails that if one breast needs an implant, the other one should as well.

It's important to highlight that corrective breast surgery has potential risks and medical complications that you should consider before taking a final decision.

Common risks are scarring, increased nipple sensitivity, breastfeeding issues, and a lack of blood supply to the nipple.

The Optimal Corrective Phoenix Breast Enhancement

If you're a patient that wants to avoid any potential risks or medical complications, then you should consider the safest and most precise procedure on the market.

That procedure is the AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ by Elite Body Sculpture, a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia to give you symmetrical breasts.

For more information on how we can assist you, head to Elite Body Sculpture Phoenix for your first consultation. 


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