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Nonsurgical Procedures to Remove The Buffalo Hump

Remove The Buffalo Hump

Humans invest a considerable chunk of money every year to feel their best and confident about their appearance.

We spend billions of dollars yearly to keep unwanted fat and pounds off our bodies. Common spots for extraction are the abs, waist, butt, and now even our necks.

Excess fat on the base of the neck that forms a mound right above the shoulders is known as a buffalo hump.  

What Is A Buffalo Hump?

A buffalo hump is a bulge of fat that develops between the shoulders. It's not a medically serious condition; therefore, the reasons you'd want to remove it are strictly aesthetic.

Yet, that's only if it's not a tumor, cyst, or another form of abnormal growth. In some cases, a buffalo hump can appear due to poor posture. If your position is severe, the buffalo hump can even affect your ability to walk and balance yourself.

Taking certain medications can give you a buffalo hump, and if you're diagnosed with Cushing disease, the excess cortisol can result in the appearance of one as well. That said, speak to your surgeon to understand the cause of your buffalo hump!

Surgical Options To Correct The Buffalo Hump 

Buffalo hump removal can be achieved with liposuction or other surgical techniques. The effectiveness of these procedures is met with mixed feelings in the cosmetic surgery community.

Yet, most of this depends on the size and cause of the buffalo hump.

Usually, the patient is placed on their stomach, the hump is then numbed with tumescent fluid, and the fat is aspirated out with a cannula. 

Nonsurgical Buffalo Hump Removal

While many plastic surgeons concur that liposuction is a reasonable procedure to remove a buffalo hump, the community favors promoting nonsurgical options.

The optimal procedure on the market to remove a Buffalo Hump without surgery is the AirSculpt®, developed by Elite Body Sculpture.

Why? Because without general anesthesia, a scalpel, needle, or stitches, you'll be able to stand up straight without that weight on your shoulders, literally.

It's also important to mention that the average recovery time for an AirSculpt® is 48 hours without limitations. This minimally invasive treatment offers the most precise results on the market, without traditional liposuction risks, so why would you opt for anything else?

Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento: Pick The Best

Elite Body Sculpture works on the premise that making changes to your body shouldn't be risky or have you lying in bed for months.

If you agree with us, go to Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento to start your first consultation. 


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