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New York's Alternative to Abdominal Liposuction—Get The Flat Stomach YOU Want In No Time

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Some have the goal of looking like Olympic athletes, while others want to gain weight and muscle. No matter what, to achieve our ideal body figure, it takes regular exercise and a clean diet, but sometimes even that's just not enough.

Since the beginning of time, we have all had the desire to look good. With the help of body sculpting techniques, improving our appearance, as well as our confidence and happiness, is possible in an instant!

Choosing any cosmetic procedure is not a light decision to make, however; this choice requires a complete thought process, and you must always put your safety first. Keep reading to learn about a patented technology that delivers better results than stomach liposuction in a far safer process. 

Make the Smart Body Contouring Decision with Stomach AirSculpt®

The central element that catches our patients' eyes when looking into New York's top body contouring procedures is our patented process and quick healing period. 

Considered one of the most popular procedures in NYC, Stomach AirSculpt® targets problem areas around the upper and lower abdomen, as well as the flanks and love handles. Using patented technology developed by experienced surgeons, the procedure gets rid of unattractive bulges, love handle flab, and extra inches around the waist.

Entering through a freckle-sized hole rather than a large incision, our AirSculpt® cannula delicately removes fat one cell at a time. It also simultaneously helps make your skin tighter, yielding impressive results with a far faster healing window than traditional liposuction. 

One of our patients, Marie, says that from the moment she stepped into our office, she felt comfortable and at ease. Having conducted extensive research about AirSculpt®, she tentatively asked for a consultation, trying to conceal the nervousness and slight fear. 

"The receptionist was so warm and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable, as she knew I was nervous but had a lot of questions. I then met the surgeon for my consultation, and he answered all my questions and walked me through the entire process."

We recommend asking any and all the questions you may have. New York is a busy city with a hectic vibe, so we want you to feel as comfortable and secure the second you enter our premises. 

Summer is Coming Up: Sculpt Your Belly Today! 

It's still chilly in The Big Apple, but we know you want to be able to wear your favorite outfits once that changes. Our minimally invasive process allows you to recover much quicker than with traditional stomach liposuction. Because we avoid the abrasive techniques used during such manual processes, In fact, most patients are back to work within one to three days and go back to the gym in just two weeks.

Marie has enjoyed her results since her procedure four weeks ago, and she already sees dramatic changes: 

"I am looking forward to continuing to see my waist and stomach getting smaller and having my six-month check-up with before and after pictures." 

An essential differentiating aspect of our advanced technology is that the recovery time is minimal because we use no needles, require no stitches, and avoid cutting techniques. There is far less bruising and less trauma to the treated area and its surrounding body parts. Nevertheless, we provide the personalized results patients expect for their entire abdominal region 360 degrees around. 

Furthermore, our doctors don't use something as risky as general anesthesia. You're awake throughout the procedure and can listen to your favorite music or bring a friend to chat. Local anesthesia will be applied just to the stomach, and the surgeon will be able to maneuver you as needed for the balanced, yet dramatic changes you expect.

Welcome the summer in with the new, flat stomach you've always wanted — call or visit Elite Body Sculpture New York City today! 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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