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I remember walking around Central Park here in New York City on a beautiful and warm summer afternoon, deciding to sit down and relax. While I did this,  I saw this couple passing by, and they stopped to take some pictures. The woman was tall and thin with long dark hair, and her partner was even taller with light brown hair. As they turned around, I noticed her significantly large round buttocks. 

I was pretty shocked because I didn’t expect to see that. I kept staring and noticed that something looked off as if one of her buttocks was larger than the other. I was a bit confused, and they just strolled out of the park as I lay there thinking about what I had just seen. 

Do you ever ask yourself why some cosmetic procedures come out so flawless and natural that it’s literally picture-perfect while others make people look just so fake and odd that it gives you a sense of pity? 

After considerable research, the difference became apparent. The clinic and surgeon behind the table performing the procedure is critical. Not only that, but some treatments deliver inherently more natural-looking results.

Only the best deliver the best. And the reality is not everyone is the best. 


Here in NYC, there is a lot of pressure to look your absolute best. The most talented people in the world live here, and if they don’t, they are making plenty of New York appearances. BBLs or Brazilian Butt Lifts are very popular, and many clinics offer this procedure. This procedure consists of removing the fat from one area of your body like your belly or things and inserting that fat into your butt, making it larger and rounder. 

On the other hand, the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift is not just like any other fat transfer. Elite Body Sculpture uses patented technology to remove fat, leaving only a freckle-sized scar needing merely a 1-2 day recovery.

Why is it So Important to Find a Surgeon You Trust?

When searching for different clinics in New York after you’ve decided to get your Brazilian booty, do your research. Make a list of the places that you have heard of or read about. Take a look at what each and every one offers. 

Do they have a list of different options for a butt lift, facelift, supposed noninvasive laser removal, liposuction, fat freezing, acid injections? I could go on and on. When there are so many services and procedures, how can you expect your doctor to be the best of the best? 

Behind every professional, there is a human being, and human beings become experts at something through repetition. How can these doctors perform many different procedures, like liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, facelifts, laser treatments, and who knows what else, and still become the best if they are all over the place?

Think of the difference between a restaurant that offers a 5-page menu and another that provides ten dishes. The restaurant that offers you only ten dishes knows all ten are spectacular. It’s quality over quantity. 

Fortunately, Elite Body Sculpture New York has mastered the craft of fat transfers. Our surgeons are specially trained in fat removal and grafting with the sole purpose of giving you real, natural, & top-notch results. 

How To Choose the Best Surgeon for You: 

Look them up online 

  • Check up their credentials. 
  • Know who they are and where they have been.
  • Check out their specialty, and maybe even some have reviews on their experience with them.  

Schedule an appointment 

  • Talk to them 
  • Ask them about their past surgeries or procedures, what they feel they are experts at and have had the best results in
  • Ask them to show you BBL before and after pictures of other patients. 

Come to Elite Body Sculpture in New York and get to know our experts today! 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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