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Mons Plasties, Pubic Lipo, and More: Lose Your Fupa Fast

FUPAs are dreaded fat pockets found on the upper pelvic area. Call it what you like, but many men and women are vying to get rid of it as immediately as possible.

The mons pubis is the fat pad that covers the pubic area. It's excessive, especially in those people that are over-weight. Yet, excess FUPA fat can be found on various people that are well within their healthy weight.

How To Get Rid Of a FUPA

Lose That Weight

If you're obese in the abdominal region, then FUPA can be present in your body. Losing weight by burning it in a specific area isn't possible. Therefore, don't think that ab exercises will give you a flatter stomach; they'll tone the area, but the fat will persist.

To burn fat, you have to go to it in a comprehensive matter. As you've probably heard before, abs are made in the kitchen. You can't beat a bad diet; it will expand your belly and give you FUPA faster than you can say FUPA.

Therefore, eat at a 500 calorie deficit. That's because it takes a deficit of 3500 calories weekly to burn one pound of fat. 

Exercise And Live The Fitness Lifestyle

Exercises serve to tone your body, not burn the fat. Training your core is very important for your overall health. 


Remember that diet and training go hand in hand. To lose overall fat, implement cardio and high-intensity interval training.


Consider this your pubic liposuction guide. Pubic liposuction is a plastic surgery that consists of placing incisions around the pubic area and then extracting the fat with a cannula.

It's important to note that liposuction does not permanently remove fat. The results will only maintain themselves if you live a healthy lifestyle. 

 Mons Plasty in Dallas

A mons plasty is a surgery in which FUPA is removed and/or lifted. It is generally performed under general anesthesia, given that the nature of the procedure is invasive. 

FUPA tends to appear in women that have had excessive weight gain or loss and even pregnancy. 

It's essential to note that these procedures are not weight-loss procedures. Therefore, it is recommended that you have realistic expectations before undergoing any procedure.

Elite Body Sculpture's Pubic Area AirSculpt®

If you want to have the best of both worlds of a mons plasty and liposuction, then Elite Body Sculpture has the solution for you without its invasive procedural properties.

It's the Pubic Area AirSculpt®, a minimally invasive procedure tailored to remove fat from the FUPA without using a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

The procedure is performed in the following steps:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture physician will apply numbing medication to the pubic area with a patented device that uses pressurized air without any needle involved!
  2. A biopsy punch will then be used to create a perfectly symmetrical 2mm hole that heals like a freckle.
  3. The surgeon employs the patented AirSculpt® cannula to remove fat by the cell from the pubic area with a delicate, precise spinning motion, simultaneously tightening the skin.
  4. No stitches are involved; the 2mm hole is naturally left to heal, leaving a tiny, freckle-sized scar.

Therefore, if you're looking for the best results, work with the best. Get your first consultation at Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento


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