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Liposuction Results Gone Wrong? Let Revision AirSculpt® Fix That In No Time

How Liposuction Results Can Go Wrong

You've probably heard of the most famously-known surgical process specializing in fat removal: liposuction.  Regardless of its fame, it would be irresponsible to say that the procedure consistently delivers risk-free results. 

Complications such as skin unnaturally sticking to the muscle after fat removal can cause an unusual appearance.  Liposuction is also unable to eliminate cellulite, a pressingly common issue in most women. The procedure is also unable to remove sagging or loose skin.  Additionally, liposuction is a surgical process done under general anesthesia, and it runs the risk of infection. Let's not forget to mention ugly scarring and swelling!

Undergo Revision AirSculpt® If You've Suffered Botched Results

Revision AirSculpt® is a highly specialized, precise procedure that offers the falsely-marketed benefits of traditional liposuction.

What we mean by this is Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® technology allows you to eliminate fat from the body as you would in liposuction, without the surgical implications. 

Our revision technique can fix any of the ruined results from its competitors without using a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. If you have a frozen stick of fat on your body, we can seamlessly remove that and help you look better than ever!

Alongside the other various patented technologies used, the precise AirSculpt® cannula is designed to pluck fat cell by cell from your body just like picking berries off of a bush. It also is designed not to cause any harm to the surrounding tissues, meaning if you underwent botched liposuction, we can correct your problems while avoiding any areas that suffered trauma.

Elite Body Sculpture Denver

Elite Body Sculpture developed AirSculpt® technology to turn your decision of removing fat or correcting previous procedures into an easy one. There's no reason as to why making changes to your body should be a painful experience or potentially risky.

If you're ready to begin your first consultation, head to Elite Body Sculpture Denver to change your body and your life as well. 


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