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Liposuction for Love Handle Fat: What You Should Know and Consider

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Atlanta residents can count on Elite Body Sculpture to provide them with optimal treatments designed to remove excess fat and help tighten loose to rejuvenate one's appearance. While we treat your physical image with utmost detail, our greater goal is to make you feel better about yourself.

One of the main questions we receive is getting rid of the so-called 'love handles. Diets, crunches, cardio, and various online guides don't always work in reducing these unwanted pockets of fat. All in all, it's a common situation, given that love handles form frequently in men and women. If diet and exercise aren't doing the job, there are other options that you can consider.'

What Are Love Handles? 

Love handles are the pockets of excess fat found at the waist's sides. They're not very well-liked since they hang off the edges of pants, causing an unaesthetic appearance. Many tend to refer to them as 'muffin tops.'

Love handles are challenging to get rid of because our fat has peculiar ways of distributing throughout the body. Men and women tend to build fat around their abdominal area due to genetics. Especially in women, the body tends to hold onto this fat, given that it can serve as protection for child-bearing and as an energy source.

Furthermore, it's important to understand that spot reduction of fat is a myth, meaning that targeting areas of the body with exercises such as the waist to decrease the size of the love handles isn't possible. Fat-burning exercises such as cardio and being in a caloric deficit through dieting are the only true natural methods of reducing fat.

Yet, as we all have different goals and genetic makeups, getting rid of love handles through natural means alone isn't always possible. Depending on your aesthetic goals, a cosmetic surgery treatment for love handles is most suitable.

Liposuction To Deal With Love Handles

Love handle fat removal with liposuction is one way patients can directly reduce the excess fat that surrounds the waist. Nevertheless, the various options to choose from for liposuction can sometimes amount to a tedious process, not to mention that there are superior, more modern options.

Go ahead and make the better decision by choosing Elite Body Sculpture to change your body and achieve the slender, curvy hips that will keep you smiling when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Elite Body Sculpture Can Treat Hips With Ease

Love Handle AirSculpt® is our minimally invasive fat sculpting procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to form beautiful results with a safe and comfortable process for everyone. 

Our patented technology differs from traditional liposuction and other surgeries due to our shorter recovery times, enhanced finesse, and more precise sculpting abilities. Patients always stay awake as they see their love handle fat permanently removed through tiny freckle-sized entryways.

We're the next generation of body sculpting in Atlanta, and we're here to stay. Call our office to start with your free consultation.


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