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We know you, like so many of us, have likely been on Google at some searching for ways to get rid of belly fat. We understand how it's a common source of insecurity, especially for women.

The problem is that when we want to lose weight, we set for ourselves arbitrary timelines and unrealistic standards as if we're going to revamp our whole midsection in less than a week. 

There is no way to lose belly fat fast on your own; it will take consistent effort. You must aim to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will continually allow you to progress, and over time, you will eventually have the body you've always wanted.

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the subcutaneous fatty tissue, meaning that it's found right under the skin that sits around the waist. It serves as a key source of energy for your body.

Small amounts of fat below the skin is normal and healthy, but too much visceral fat, which is the fatty tissue surrounding the abdominal organs, is problematic.

Too much visceral fat within your body can lead to severe medical issues such as heart attacks and diabetes.

How Can I Lose Fat Without Depending On Liposuction?

Doing so is possible by understanding certain principles related to exercise and eating, which will make the process much easier than you think.

It's best first to understand that there is no way to dictate where fat loss occurs in your body through exercise or diet. 

Doing abdominal exercises will only develop the musculature in the area, but it will do nothing to burn off the excess fat. Spot reduction of fat is not possible, meaning it will be lost throughout the body overall. 

Fat loss is only induced by a caloric deficit, where you're expending fewer calories than needed to maintain your current weight. A caloric deficit can be achieved with a combination of proper dieting and smart exercise.

Caloric Deficit Through A Diet

You must follow the golden rule of dieting, which is undergoing a caloric deficit. That doesn't mean eating healthier food, although it does help; it means you should eat fewer calories.

Therefore, if you eat 500 fewer calories than needed for maintenance, you can lose up to a pound of fat per week. 

Caloric Deficit With Exercises

The optimal way to burn calories is by doing cardio. Strength exercises and muscle-focused training plans will help you build muscle, but they won't do anything to burn off your excess fat.

Therefore, make sure that you're doing a healthy balance of both to assist you with staying on a caloric deficit.

Elite Body Sculpture Can Remove Abdominal Fat

If you don't want to remove abdominal fat with traditional liposuction, which requires invasive surgery and lengthy downtime, you don't have to! That's where Stomach AirSculpt® comes into play.

The procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to remove subcutaneous fat from your stomach without the invasive properties of traditional liposuction. Patients concerned about visceral fat still benefit significantly from AirSculpt® as well, thanks to the instant results combined with almost no downtime. These elements allow patients to achieve their dream body and use their newfound motivation to work on maintaining it right away. 

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Phoenix office to complete your free consultation. 


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