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Inner and Outer Thigh Lifts: What They Can And Can't Do for Seattleites

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Thighs are the pillars of the human body, almost quite literally. They're easy to see and have been appreciated in all shapes and sizes.

Yet, their beauty begins to degrade when excess skin in the area starts to take its toll—it results due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

Given the surge in cosmetic procedures worldwide and considering that people want to make quick changes to their bodies, a thigh lift has become a go-to alternative to improve their appearance.

In specific cases, a combination of a thigh lift and liposuction techniques are performed. Throughout the article, we'll discuss their differences to settle what's best for you.

The Different Types of Thigh Lifts

There are three types of thigh lifts, or as they're called through medical terminology: thighplasty.

  • The inner thigh lift focuses on the lower portion of the area.
  • The medial thigh lift focuses on the upper portion of the inner thigh.
  • The bilateral thigh lift targets the excess skin on the front and outside of the thigh. 

Inner and medial thigh lifts are usually outpatient procedures, meaning that they can return home moments afterward. Bilateral thigh lifts require an overnight stay. 

The Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lifts require the use of general anesthesia or an epidural. Incision patterns vary depending on the type of thigh lift. 

Nevertheless, the most common technique is forming an incision near the groin area. Skin and fat are removed, while the underlying tissue is contoured and tightened. Each surgery lasts around two to three hours.

The Recovery for a Thigh Lift

After the operation, there will be bruising, swelling, and soreness. You'll also be given drains to collect fluids and reduce infection risk. 

The surgical sutures are removed after two weeks. You're allowed to shower 48 hours after the procedure and can return to physical activity is permitted after 4 to 6 weeks. 

Differences Between Thigh Lifts and Thigh Liposuction

The main difference between thigh lifts and thigh liposuction is that the first focus on removing saggy skins while the second is for fat removal. Nonetheless, a thigh liposuction procedure also includes thigh lift elements; therefore, it can be seen as a two-in-one process. 

If you're interested in removing fat, then the thigh liposuction is your best option, specifically the Thigh AirSculpt®.

What's the Thigh AirSculpt®?

AirSculpt® technology was developed by Elite Body Sculpture. It's a patented fat removal technology that doesn't require the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. 

Your fat is suctioned with the AirSculpt® cannula. This specially designed device plucks fat cell by cell from the treatment area, simultaneously tightening the skin and protecting surrounding tissues from being damaged.

Patients report no pain during an AirSculpt® procedure. The most you'll feel is a light vibration. 

Additionally, the average full recovery time for this procedure, to return to work and physical activity, is no more than a week. 

Seattleites: The Best Alternative to Thigh Liposuction is the Thigh AirSculpt®

If you're ready to make substantial changes to your body, void of risks, and having you feel as confident as ever, then make the best decision that is undergoing an AirSculpt® procedure.

At Elite Body Sculpture, we focus on precision results and a luxury setting, prioritizing the comfort of the patients by the technology we use and the staff we hire.

If you're ready to enjoy this experience, click on Elite Body Sculpture Seattle to begin your first consultation. 


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