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How To Handle Butt Asymmetry After A BBL or Implants

How To Handle Butt Asymmetry After A BBL or Implants

The backside can play a significant part in defining the physical appearance and femininity of women. Women with bigger buttocks are usually idolized, causing others to experience low-self esteem. If you feel as if you've been affected in such a way, you might consider getting a buttock augmentation.

The buttocks can be augmented via two main procedures: a fat transfer or implants. Both methods are designed to deliver effective outcomes, but they all have their ups and downs.

One of the main problems that patients report after a buttock augmentation is asymmetrical results. Buttock asymmetry is a condition where one glute significantly differs and shape or size from the other one. While the problem is rare in surgical outcomes, it cannot be ruled out.

If you're dealing with asymmetrical results after your buttock augmentation, it's time to discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon. 

Butt Asymmetry After Buttock Augmentation

To comprehend asymmetry after a buttocks augmentation, you should first have a clear idea of what the surgery involves. Patients have excess fat in the body, and their desire to get shapelier buttocks can be resolved with a fat transfer, also known as a Brazilian butt lift. There are also those patients that opt for more prominent buttocks via implants.

Fat transfers use the excess fat available within your body to enhance your backside. The operation consists of the plastic surgeon using liposuction to remove the surplus fat from areas of the body like the abdomen, waist, and back bra rolls. 

The collected fat is then processed in a centrifuge and injected into the buttocks to augment the volume and change its shape.

Buttock implants with implants is a surgical procedure that uses external objects such as gluteal implants to increase the size of the glutes. Typical glute implants are made of semi-solid silicone materials that are durable and immune to high pressures that can cause rupture or deflation.

These implants come in different sizes; therefore, after consulting with your plastic surgeon, you can make good decisions about what implant size suits you.

During implant surgery, the surgeon will form an incision on the buttocks to create an aperture in which the implants will be inserted. The implants can be placed within, under, or over the glute muscles. The position of the implant will depend on the results you're looking for and your surgeon's recommendations. After the implants have been inserted, the surgeon sutures the site and closes the incisions.

For both procedures, the results will not be immediately visible. Your buttocks will end up swollen and bruised, which is common in any surgery. Therefore, patience is critical since you'll have to wait weeks and months for the buttocks to subside the swelling to conform to its new shape.

Causes of Butt Asymmetry

That said, you should wait at least three months after butt augmentation surgery to see your finalized results. If your backside appears uneven even several months after your procedure, it's generally a sign that your system was botched and didn't provide you with the expected results.

In that case, you should contact your plastic surgeon to discuss the issue and explore corrective procedures.

The leading cause of buttocks asymmetry can even be an issue before the surgery itself. If your buttocks were considerably asymmetrical before surgery, the condition could remain after the procedure if the surgeon did not consider using different-sized implants for each glute.

Another reason why the buttocks can have asymmetrical results is due to surgical errors. If your surgeon lacks skill or experience, he may not operate correctly. If your surgeon fails to contour the buttocks during the operation or inject too much or too little fat into one glute, the buttocks can become asymmetrical.

Buttock asymmetry isn't limited to the surgeon's fault. It can also be a product of a patient's carelessness. The recovery period is essential for optimal results, and if you fall short of following your surgeon's post-operative guidelines, you can be the culprit of your buttock's asymmetry.

For example, the fat cells can be damaged or displaced if the patient sleeps on their back or sits for an extended period within the first weeks of the operation.

Buttock implants also have the possibility of being displaced. The risk of implants displacements and rotation exists during the recovery period and afterward. In case one implant gets replaced, it can make your buttocks look asymmetrical. 


Last but not least, capsular contracture can be the cause of your buttock asymmetry. This condiction involves scar tissue that develops around the buttocks and contracts. It causes the shape of your backside to change and can be quite painful. The risk of this happening is low, but it should never be ruled out. 

Elite Body Sculpture Is Designed To Prevent Asymmetry

Worrying about butt asymmetry after a BBL is a common fear. That can be easily alleviated by getting your butt augmentation done with Elite Body Sculpture in Seattle.

Butt asymmetry after a buttock enhancement isn't familiar to us, given that we use an advanced form of fat transfer that's designed to guarantee the most accurate, comfortable, and precise results.

The AirSculpt® Power BBL™ is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to transfer fat from an area of your body to the glutes.

We pride ourselves on providing significant results without resorting to the risks and invasive characteristics linked to traditional surgical practices. Our patented technology enables us to remove and transfer fat cell-by-cell and resolve any asymmetries or other blemishes. 

We care about the dramatic difference we can give you and are happy to provide it without the risks. Call our Seattle office or any other Elite location to schedule your first consultation. 


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