How Much Does Liposuction Cost, And is Surgery Worth it?

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When considering liposuction, something you're more than likely concerned with is the pricing. Nevertheless, you must realize that the liposuction cost is less important than the quality of the procedure. 

Your ultimate goal is to be content with the results; therefore, finding the cheapest option isn't your best bet. It may even end up more costly to fix any mistakes from the previous procedure if there are any. 

The Lower The Price, The More Expensive It Could Get

Choosing a liposuction surgeon solely based on the price of the service could end up being the priciest option. If the first cosmetic results don't turn out as planned, you'll need revision surgery to fix those mistakes.

The most common undesirable outcomes of liposuction are the following:

  • Incomplete liposuction, meaning that the new results are barely noticeable
  • Excessive liposuction, meaning that the treated area looks out of proportion with the rest of your body
  • Irregular and asymmetrical results
  • Large scars that indicate that you've gotten work done

Factors That Determine The Costs of Liposuction

The liposuction cost depends on the body parts that are being treated. Nevertheless, certain factors have nothing to do with you, which can alter the price.

Examples of these are the following:

  • The size of the patient
  • The length of the procedure
  • The cost of anesthesia
  • Operation room fees
  • Preoperative fees

The Amount of Body Parts Treated In Liposuction Alters The Cost

As we said before, the specific areas treated alter the price, but the number of regions treated does as well. 

Nonetheless, bundling areas on liposuction can save money on non-surgical fees. If you treat two or three areas simultaneously, it will be less than treating each one in different sessions. 

Other Cost Altering Factors

Two factors that are usually overlooked when evaluating the price of liposuction are the surgeon's experience and the geographical area in which the procedure is being performed. 

An expert surgeon with many successful procedures done within his field will charge more to guarantee that you'll be delighted with your results.

Additionally, areas where labor costs more, will lead to your liposuction to being a higher price as well. After all, it is a business, and costs need to be covered for those who offer the services as well!

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The recovery time is also practically null. You're able to head back to your daily routine in less than 48 hours, with results immediately shown. Traditional liposuction will have you resting for two weeks, with full results being shown after three months.

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