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How Much Does a BBL Cost and Which Fat Transfer Should I Choose?

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Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) are incredibly sought after, yet, no one wants to suffer a considerable dent in their wallet for just any elective surgery  — even if it means enhancing their butt and boosting their self-esteem. 

The Brazilian butt lift is a highly demanded procedure; therefore, there should be no surprise it comes at a high cost. Nevertheless, you must realize that a BBL isn't just a cosmetic procedure; it's a life-changing decision. You don't only walk out with the butt of your dreams, but with the version of yourself you always wanted to be.

Just Exactly How Much Does a BBL Cost?

A Brazilian butt lift is pricy because it is a combination of procedures. Several fat transfer options and methods exist, factors that can significantly alter the price. Facility costs should also be considered. Nevertheless, more important than the exact cost of a BBL is whether it ultimately delivers satisfying, lasting results. 

Making a decision that prioritizes one's well-being and self-confidence involves carefully weighing the choices of the right clinic and surgeon. Ending up with a body that you feel more like yourself in is priceless. On the other hand, emotional strain following a botched procedure can be very costly.

The Most Popular Combination

Most patients go with a fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks, which oftentimes falls under the most cost-effective category.

This two-in-one procedure is highly valued since it gives patients slim waists and a lifted back-side. Picking the right surgeon and facility to perform this type of treatment should still require considerable research. Making the proper decision can save you the cost of revision surgery or a severe lack of confidence following a botched procedure. 

Alright, So What's the Right Decision?

To put it succinctly, the best option is the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) with Elite Body Sculpture. 

AirSculpt® technology has revolutionized fat transfers to the buttocks, trumping all other wellness clinics with unmatched precision and a luxury setting. 

AirSculpt® technology is one of a kind, allowing you to get a butt lift without the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. The fat transferring process is minimally invasive, trumping all traditional liposuction and butt lift methods on the market. 

Despite being less invasive, our patented technology can transfer your fat far more accurately than any other technique. AirSculpt® permanently changes how your body distributes fat, helping to provide the balanced hourglass figure patients so badly desire.

Aside from its ground-breaking, patented technology, the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) comes with minimal downtime. Traditional procedures require that you not sit for weeks at a time and rest for months to see a glimpse of your results. AirSculpt® technology can have you back to work in three days, with results appearing within 48 hours. You will have to sit on a cushion and avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks, however.

How Much Does An AirSculpt® Butt Lift Cost?

First thing's first: at Elite Body Sculpture, our primary focus isn't just sculpting your body, it's boosting your confidence. We guarantee precise results that will inevitably change the way you feel about yourself.

Nashville is the heart of Tennessee, the famed Volunteer State. Yet, why don't you take a break from giving back to others and treat yourself for a change?

Prices for each procedure depend on the size of the body and the areas to be treated, yet the real cost for an AirSculpt® is priceless when one's confidence in their new self soars. 

For pricing information and procedure details, call or visit Elite Body Sculpture Nashville today.


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