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How Long Will a Fat Graft Last and Are Results Permanent?

How Long Will a Fat Graft Last and Are Results Permanent?

Fat transfers are designed to be long-term solutions to volume loss within the body. Is a fat transfer permanent? It's a common question; anyone who wants to undergo surgery would like to make an investment in themselves that substantially lasts.

Cosmetic surgery has significantly improved over the years. Now we have more options than ever for rejuvenation of several areas of the body through fat grafting. Non-invasive injectable fillers for your face are no longer being prioritized in several cosmetic circles due to the more advanced use of a patient's fat to revamp their buttocks, breasts, and face.

How Does A Fat Transfer Work?

The procedure consists of grafting fat cells from one area of the body and reinjecting them into another to augment its volume and change its contour. 

The areas in which fat tends to be grafted from are the stomach, hips, and thighs. Areas that are generally injected with the fat are the breasts, buttocks, and face.

A fat transfer is highly regarded within the cosmetic community because it provides more natural-looking and feeling results than synthetic and non-organic alternatives.

Are These Results Permanent?

How long do fat graft results last? Fat transfers benefit from using organic material from your own body, and these fat cells can thrive in their new environment, making the results essentially permanent.

That doesn't imply that all the fat will survive or that the same level of rejuvenation will be maintained. It's common practice for plastic surgeons to overfill the treatment area. Not all of the fat that's transferred with survive, causing a slight dip in the new volume after about six months.

After the six months have passed, the results should be unaltered permanently. 

What If A Fat Transfer Goes Wrong?

It isn't wrong to assume that a fat transfer can go wrong. In the end, it's a surgical procedure, meaning that risks such as asymmetry, unevenness, lumps, and bumps are a possibility.

In the case of that occurring, one could opt for a fat transfer revision procedure. It's recommended that you pick Elite Body Sculpture in Houston.

Their AirSculpt® Fat Transfer Correction is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to fix any previous fat transfer procedure mistakes.

The use of the patented AirSculpt cannula allows our providers to remove or transfer fat with ease, filling in any gaps, valleys, and asymmetries that have resulted from a botched fat transfer. 

Our advanced technology allows patients to make changes to their bodies that they've always wanted with the most accurate, comfortable, and safest technique in Houston.

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Houston office to schedule your first consultation.


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