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How Long Do BBL Results Last? Key Fat Transfer Details You Should Know

A Brazilian butt lift, also to as the BBL, consists of using your fat to enhance the size and contour your buttocks. Considering that the procedure uses your fat, the results may not last too many years.

The results of a traditional BBL can take up to six months to fully appear. Around this time frame, you can begin to adopt lifestyle choices that impact your appearance and the duration of your results. Therefore it is recommended to follow your surgeon's indications to undergo an optimal recovery.

A BBL Uses Your Fat

The difference between a BBL and an implant is that the latter introduces a foreign object within your body. Sometimes your immune system can negatively react to this, causing life-threatening problems.

This does not occur with a traditional BBL, in which natural fat, extracted from areas of your body like the abdomen or thighs, is used to plump up your butt. The fat that is extracted is purified and injected into targeted areas of the butt to form your ideal dimensions.

Given that these are not implants, and you are utilizing natural fat, it is required that you maintain the results with adjustments to your lifestyle.

Recovery For The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Results

The average recovery for a BBL takes about six weeks. The first two weeks require that you avoid sitting and lying directly on your back, so get comfortable with sleeping on your side or stomach and sitting on a pillow.

After about a week, you're able to return to work. Yet if your work has much strenuous activity, it is best to refrain from returning to work for a month.

Advanced exercises are not permitted until about the sixth or eighth week. Additionally, routine checkups with your surgeon are a must to assess your recovery for optimal results.

Other lifestyle changes are more long terms. If you do not maintain your weight through a healthy diet and exercise, you're running the risk of losing your results.

The Best Fat Transfer To Buttock Results

If you're not a fan of recovering for two months and having to wait around six months to have your ideal butt, you may be interested in an alternative procedure. The truth is that traditional BBLs are outdated; nowadays, people want immediate results without extensive downtime, which is why Elite Body Sculpture offers you AirSculpt® Fat Transfers.

In an AirSculpt® Fat Transfer, quality fat can be smoothly transferred from one part of your body to another. If you're interested in getting that perfect backside, opt for our AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™.

Our procedures are so technically advanced that we don't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Additionally, our recovery plan is much less overwhelming.

You can walk right after the procedure, return to work in two days, and enjoy light workouts after two weeks. Plus, the results are immediate and permanent! For more details, head over to Elite Body Sculpture Dallas to get started with your first consultation!


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