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Comparing Technologies
AirSculpt® vs. Traditional Liposuction

How Liposuction Cannulas Have Evolved (Or Not) Over Time

liposuction cannulas

Liposuction Cannulas 40 Years Ago

The first recorded attempts to directly remove fat from the body date back to the start of the 20th century. Yet, serious strides forward were first made (for the better) with Professor Yves-Gerard Illouz' introduction of a safer and more accessible form of liposuction.

It involved the injection of local anesthetic, saline, distilled water, adrenaline, and hyaluronidase, known as the wet technique. Around 40 years ago, this became the norm, and it was common to use the wet method with three different sized blunt cannulas to aspirate excess fat.

A 10mmn wide cannula was used for flanks, buttocks, and hips; the 8mm cannula was used for knees, ankles, abdomens, and arms, and the smallest, a 5mm cannula was applied on the face procedures. 

The Liposuction Cannula In Modernity

Given the lack of dogmas in the the medical field, as modernity came about, the refinement of liposuction techniques and technology became more advanced. 

Cannula designs began to vary. Illouz developed a new cannula with three holes: one ventral hole, think of it as the hole where the air is blown to play the flute, and two lateral holes on each side, similar to where you place your fingers on the musical instrument. This cannula was also considerably thinner than the earlier versions.

The Key Change To Liposuction Cannulas

As you can see, the most critical changes to cannulas were made to the surgical instrument's diameter. We can now effectively higher quantities of fat with smaller diameter tubes. 

This enables the surgeon to be more aggressive with fat removal while reducing risks by protecting surrounding tissues. Overall, the quality of liposuction over time has progressed, as cannula engineering has become more advanced. 

The Best Cannula Yet: The Patented AirSculpt® Cannula

The AirSculpt® cannula is the most advanced fat removal instrument there is on the market.

This microcannula-like tool has a power automated design that can fit through an entry point just two millimeters wide. The automated nature of the cannula provides surgeons more finesse than any other cannula on the market. 

Traditional cannulas use cheese-grater like motions to remove fat, while the AirSculpt® process is much more smooth at extracting fat, comparable to plucking grapes off a vine. Patients only report a consistent vibration feeling when undergoing an AirSculpt®.

The advanced nature of our technology shows how much fat removal instruments have progressed. 10-millimeter cannulas manually operated have now become automated two-millimeter wide tools that can remove more fat than possible years ago, evidence of the significant advances made in cosmetic fat removal.

Elite Body Sculpture: Learn More About Our Tools

Visit our website to learn more about why our patented cannula trumps its traditional counterparts on all levels.

At Elite Body Sculpture, we take great pride in the advanced and precise technology that we use. No other fat removal process on the market can offer better results than our method, which doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia.

The patented AirSculpt® fat removal process sculpts your body without the risks that other competitors can give you. Head over to Elite Body Sculpture to begin your first consultation.


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