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Houston, Which Arm Lift Surgery Lift Right For You?

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Everyone would like to be Batman or Batwoman, and for all the right reasons. Having batwings would sure make it fun to glide around the crowded streets, to say the least. 

In some cases, however, people have the types of batwings that nobody wants: pockets of fat drooping under their arms that stunt their mobility and affect their appearance. 

The go-to procedure to get rid of arm fat is an arm lift or arm liposuction. You may find yourself wondering, what exactly is an arm lift? 

It can be one of two things:

  1. A Brachioplasty (the technical term), which removes skin and fat under your arms and is very invasive with a lengthy and necessary downtime.
  2. It can also be a form of liposuction that removes fat from under the arms. 

Still, arm lifts and liposuction don't always have to be your only two options. You can also remove batwings easily with a new and emerging technology revolutionizing the cosmetic market. Learn more about it and educate yourself!

Arm AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture

Elite Body Sculpture happily provides patented AirSculpt® procedures, a breakthrough fat removal technique. This procedure can remove your bat wings without the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. 

The Arm AirSculpt® procedure goes as follows:

  1. The AirSculpt® provider numbs the arms with an AirPen, a patented squirt gun-like device that administers topical medication without the use of a needle.
  2. A perfectly symmetrical two millimeter-wide entryway is made with a biopsy punch. Laser technology is then applied to prepare the fat for extraction.
  3. The provider then inserts a specially designed, patented cannula to extract far from the arms seamlessly. 
  4. The opening is naturally left to heal, living only a freckle-sized scar. 

With a Brachioplasty, you'd have to undergo general anesthesia, a surgical cocktail that drastically increases the procedural risks. Traditional arm lifts also leave permanently visible scars and require the removal of stitches post-procedure, whereas Arm AirSculpt® involves none of these.

Now Let's Talk AirSculpt® Recovery and Downtime

The downtime for an Arm AirSculpt® is minimal. You'll be able to walk straight out of the Elite Body Sculpture facility under your own power, with only a couple of days of recovery before returning to work.

Traditional Brachioplasties are taxing on the body, requiring extensive downtime and frequent visitations with the surgeon.

Besides resting for a couple of days, after Arm AirSculpt®, all you're asked is to wear a compression garment for two weeks. 

The ease of recovery following Arm AirSculpt® comes from its revolutionary process, thanks to its minimally-invasive nature. The lack of general anesthesia during the procedure also allows you to be awake, enabling the surgeon to move their patient around for more accurate results. 

Houston: What's Going to be Your Decision?

At Elite Body Sculpture, we do not focus on fat removal; we focus on removing any lack of confidence you have toward your appearance. Our main objective is that you walk out of our doors feeling as you've always wanted. 

Houston is famed for great achievements, such as putting a man on the moon. Harvest that limitless energy by making yourself feel as if you were on the moon. 

Call or visit Elite Body Sculpture Houston, and begin your first consultation once you've decided what's best for you.


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