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Getting a BBL Under Local Anesthesia: Does it Hurt and Is It Safer?

Getting a BBL Under Local Anesthesia: Does it Hurt and Is It Safer?

Most women desire rounder, well-shaped buttocks but quickly find that exercise alone cannot achieve them. Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the ideal options, given that it's an innovative procedure that's designed to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks using the patient's fat.


It's also a popular alternative for women that want to avoid artificial implants and their associated risks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is designed to extract fat from areas with excess and transfer it to the backside to sculpt more curvy, projecting buttocks. Typical areas to remove fat from are the hip, thighs, and abdomen. That's one of the main benefits of the BBL; you're able to slim down one area of your body and simultaneously augment your buttocks in the process.

Like the majority of cosmetic surgical procedures, the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift involves general anesthesia. On the widely popular Realself platform, you will find that several patients are concerned about the anesthetic used during a BBL. Users tend to ask if the procedure can be done with local anesthesia.

It's possible and is becoming a more common practice in today's cosmetic circles. Yet, it mainly depends on the patient's aesthetic goals and other factors if the BBL can be performed without risks under local anesthesia.

Anesthesia In A BBL

Anesthesia is a significant element of concern for many people that want to undergo a surgical procedure. Most plastic surgery procedures can be performed with both types of anesthetic, but there are some exceptions. 

Research demonstrates that local anesthesia is a safer option, given that it presents minimal complications and risks during surgery. It also has the benefit of allowing patients to be awake throughout the procedure, making for a shorter recovery overall.

In terms of the Brazilian Butt Lift, plastic surgeons point out that general anesthesia is used for larger liposuction areas that require transferring significant amounts of fat to the buttocks.

Therefore, discussing your goals beforehand the surgery with your surgeon is a useful strategy to have realistic expectations about the process. You should have enough fat to harvest to make effective changes to the buttocks via a fat transfer.

It's vital that you understand that not all of that fat that will be transferred will survive, which is why surgeons overfill the buttocks with fat to ensure that you'll have the desired dimensions post-recovery.

Local Anesthesia in a BBL

The Brazilian Butt Lift with local anesthesia is a relatively new concept. Most providers tend to only use local anesthesia for a moderate increase in the buttocks with few areas of liposuction.


Traditional BBLs only allow for smaller amounts of fat to be injected at a time. Therefore, if you're looking for an enormous change to your backside, you shouldn't get a local anesthesia BBL due to the limited amounts of fat that can be used.

Does a BBL under local anesthesia hurt? Not at all. The same pain-free principle applies!

What If I Want Significant Results Under Local Anesthesia?

Then you're not out of luck. You can get the results that you're interested in by undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift offered by Elite Body Sculpture. 

Elite Body Sculpture prides itself on delivering patients with significant results, but without invasive surgery's risky characteristics. That's why we're able to remove and transfer fat to your buttocks without using a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. 

That's all due to the power of our advanced, AirSculpt® technology. It's what's able to remove the surgical characteristics of the BBL but still maintain improved quality and degree of results. The precision-engineered tools still allow you to take out larger quantities of fat without leading the patient into risks or medical complications.

How AirSculpt® Power BBL™ Works

The procedure starts with the elite Body Sculpture provider using the AirPen, a tool that replaces the need for needles to numb the skin.

Afterward, a biopsy punch is used to form a perfectly symmetrical aperture to begin the fat extraction process. At Elite, we use a biopsy punch as a more diminutive and proportional alternative to a scalpel.

Once we have applied a local anesthetic and prepared the patient, the patented AirSculpt® cannula is then inserted within the opening, and the fat is removed. A benefit of our cannula is that it can simultaneously help tighten the surrounding skin, which traditional BBLs cannot do.


Once the fat is removed and treated, the AirPen and biopsy punch is used on the buttocks to prepare for the fat transfer. The removed fat is then strategically injected above the glute muscles to provide an optimal contour. 

Once the procedure's finalized, the tiny openings are naturally left to heal, only leaving a small mark the size of a freckle. That means no scarring or having to deal with stitches.

That said, we're the optimal choice for a BBL under local anesthesia. Our technology is designed to provide patients with the most comfortable and long-lasting results. 

If that's something that you're interested in, call one of our many Elite locations in your region to get started with your first consultation. 


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