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Garments After Leg Liposuction: Why They're Necessary 

Garments After Leg Liposuction

The phrase compression garment may lead you to think about athletes wearing tight sleeves and leggings. While these are examples of compression clothing, the garments used in medicine have a different use, and their high-tech designs assist patients with healing post-procedure.

They offer several benefits to men and women recovering from body contouring procedures and make a significant difference in the final result.

Using a compression garment correctly is one of the main steps to keeping your new physique intact.

Medical compression garments are made from solid and man-made fabrics that stretch and apply pressure to the body. These garments are now being made in various styles and sizes to be worn by a wide array of patients on multiple parts of the body.

A girdle-like compression garment is helpful for patients after abdomen liposuction, while garments after leg liposuction are usually akin to compression stockings or knee sleeves.

Why Are Compression Garments Needed?

Surgeons recommend wearing compression garments post-liposuction to ensure a speedy recovery and help ensure your results end up as pristine as possible.

Compression Garments Reduce Swelling

Wearing a compression garment helps the body recover and increases comfort during recovery.

While recovering, the body will produce fluids, accumulate, and become trapped, causing swelling and slight discomfort that can prolong your healing.

Many liposuction patients experience post-operative swelling that can last for weeks. Therefore, compression garments apply pressure across the treatment site, preventing the excess build-up of fluid.

Compression Garments Decrease Bruising

Bruising is expected after liposuction. Its longevity can vary from patient to patient, but it's addressable with compression garments.

Bruises occur due to a result of trauma to the blood vessels. When injured, the blood enters the tissue and causes visible discoloration.

The pressure of a compression garment helps stop bleeding and prevents blood from rising to the skin's surface, reducing the appearance of bruises.

Compression Garments Also Reduce Scarring

Scarring is common after liposuction, but it doesn't have to be significant. The incisions used in many procedures are minute and placed in areas that aren't visible.

Compression garments can soften and flatten the appearance of these hidden scars.

Compression Garments Shape Your Results

Last but not least, wearing a compression garment can improve the contour of the treatment site, guaranteeing optimal results.

The garments help the body adapt to its new shape and prevent your skin from developing a wrinkled appearance.

Elite Body Sculpture Leg Contouring

Elite Body Sculpture understands the importance of using leg liposuction compression garments to refine your new results. Still, we also cannot ignore the necessity of a smooth-sailing fat removal process.

Leg AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive fat removal treatment that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, designed to give results as dramatic as liposuction but without the abrasive elements. 

Thanks to our treatment's gentle technique, patients enjoy a much quicker recovery process and entry points that end up healing to look like freckles, if they form at all. Furthermore, we give all of our patients custom-fitting, comfortable compressions garments to ensure a smooth recovery after any treatment, Leg AirSculpt included. 

Learn more by calling us at our Minneapolis office to schedule your complimentary consultation. 


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