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Forget Tummy Tucks, Washington D.C.: Pick the Less Invasive Option

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Your lower abdomen is the area of the body that is perceived as unattractive if it contains loose skin and bulges. Washboard abs are a highly coveted feature, but for some, committing to exercise and a strict diet isn't a favored option.

This is why heading to the doctor's office and getting tummy tuck surgery is a viable alternative to obtain immediate and permanent results. That said, in 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 130,081 tummy tucks were performed. 

The Variations of a Tummy Tuck

  • Tiny Tuck: It's the least invasive of all the tummy tucks. The procedure consists of a small incision and is used to rejuvenate the lower abdomen area. It's important to note that it isn't used to sculpt the whole stomach; nevertheless, it's a great starting point and a foot in the door for those considering invasive surgery. 
  • Standard Tummy Tuck: This procedure consists of two incisions, one vertically placed above the pubic bone and one horizontally placed between the hip bones. It's the most common of the techniques.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck: This technique is a variation of the standard tummy tuck, yet the incision extends to the flanks to remove more fat. It's best for those that want to flatten their abdomen and also contour their hips.

The Optimal Tummy Tuck Procedure

The AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ is the tummy tuck procedure developed by Elite Body Sculpture. In comparison to the others, it is the least invasive abdomen contouring procedure given the use of its patented AirSculpt® technology.

The procedure does not use a needle or general anesthesia.

The process is performed as follows: 

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs the abdomen area with the AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that emits pressurized air to administer numbing medication.
  2. The surgeon then forms a small incision with a scalpel and adds laser technology to tighten the skin and prepare the fat for extraction.
  3. The patented AirSculpt® cannula is inserted to pluck the fat out cell by cell. 
  4. Dissolvable stitches are then used to bind the incision. 

AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ Recovery

This specific process is far less complicated than traditional tummy tuck recovery. 

For one, the AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ does not use drains post-procedure. Traditional tummy tucks use drains that have to be removed three to five days afterward.

The AirSculpt® process itself is an added value for those that are interested in extra contouring. Its delicate nature compared to traditional liposuction allows you to return to normal activities in three days or less. 

Washington, D.C., Make Your Best Decision

Although in Washington D.C. beachgoing isn't even possible, there's absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn't have washboard abs. In a city full of statements, chiseled stomachs declare that you're in control of your image.

Elite Body Sculpture is your best option because our focus isn't solely on contouring your body; it's on sculpting your confidence as well. If you're ready to make your best decision yet, visit Elite Body Sculpture to begin your first consultation. 


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