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Fat Removal From the Thighs: Is Thigh Liposuction Recovery Worth It?

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Thigh gaps have social media and the world as a whole taken by storm. That space between your thighs that keeps them from touching can be something actually haven't thought about because you've gotten so used to your legs rubbing together.

Some of us can relate to this constant effort to keep our thighs from touching for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. Legs continually touching and rubbing can cause painful rashes that usually aren't too severe, but still are bad enough to require treatment.

People often turn to liposuction to effectively remove their inner and outer thigh fat and achieve that desired gap. Unfortunately, thigh liposuction recovery can last several weeks or even months, and results often pale in comparison to expectations.

The recovery from surgical thigh fat removal procedures varies depending on the technique used. Liposuction is an invasive surgery that necessitates significant downtime. Luckily, thanks to the advent of modern technology, new methods have been developed to deliver stunning results without invasive surgery.

Traditional Thigh Liposuction Recovery

The typical recovery window from any cosmetic procedure is often quite standard, but when talking about thigh liposuction, the recovery process might be more personalized from case to case.

Traditional thigh liposuction sometimes includes the removal of skin rather than just removing fat, so the downtime might be more extended and painful in this scenario. Recovery may involve the application of dressings and bandages to the incisions following surgery, as well as small tubes placed around the incision to drain blood and excess fluid.

Surgical incisions should not be taken lightly, and require the patient to avoid touching them or even moving around too much during their recovery from thigh liposuction. The risks of not following the recovery procedure can lead to severe conditions such as:

  • Poor wound healing or separation
  • Bleeding
  • Severe bleeding
  • Skin loss, swelling, or discoloration.
  • Sutures becoming visible, open, or irritating the wound
  • Skin looseness
  • Possibility of a required correction surgery (revision procedure)

As you can see, the traditional way to achieve that vaunted thigh gap might seem risky and may present too significant a risk compared with the benefits. Luckily, there's a way to get precisely sculpted thighs without the risks or side effects associated with thigh liposuction.

Is Thigh AirSculpt® Worth It?

This procedure is more than just fat removal. Using our patented technique, we remove undesired fat from the knee up to the groin region. We also sculpt a space between the legs by plucking fat from the inner thighsknees, and "banana roll" – the roll under the butt behind your leg.

This minimally invasive procedure gives you immaculate results with a quicker recovery than traditional liposuction. AirSculpt® contours your legs, leaving them smoother, even, and balanced. Expect minimal bruising and trauma to the treated area, and most patients can return to work in 24 to 48 hours.

All AirSculpt® treatments are minimally invasive, using no needles, stitches, or general anesthesia. We minimize risk by keeping patients awake throughout the procedure, meaning they can listen to music or chat with a friend during the treatment.

It is also essential to note the difference between downtime and recovery. Downtime refers to just how long you will have to remain in bed while avoiding significant movements, usually a couple of days following AirSculpt®. Recovery refers to the entire healing process, which lasts several weeks.

If you're tired of being uncomfortable and in pain because of long-term dermatitis or rashes due to your thighs rubbing, the cost is certainly worth it. It is also medically proven that changing a habit or something that prevents us from living as our true selves can radically improve our self-esteem. So, take into account the emotional benefit you'd feel living in your ideal body and letting that pain and discomfort go. 


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