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Exploring Why Leg Fat is So Challenging to Lose

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Despite doing all the squat challenges you could find on Instagram and raising the weight on your leg extensions, your thighs may not be as firm as you'd like them to be.

That could result from your genetics, which dictates how many fat and muscle cells you have in your thighs. It could also be the result of your lifestyle or expectations for yourself.

All in all, losing fat is challenging, and it is easy to make several mistakes that can hinder your results. But there's no need to worry; this article will prepare you for your journey to eliminate leg fat, giving you the body you deserve and desire.

Leg Fat Loss Challenges

You're Not Realistic

You can't get the thighs you want with only a few workouts. Many tend to believe that two weeks of strenuous exercise will garner some changes, but that'll never be the case.

If you strength-train and diet properly for 4 to 6 weeks, hitting the gym at least three times per week, results will begin to become noticeable.

Your Diet Needs To Improve

If you want to efficiently progress in losing leg fat, a critical component that must be done correctly is dieting.

Dieting is very confusing for many. They're usually led to believe that eating less is optimal, but it is vital to follow specific guidelines. 

You should never feel hungry when dieting to lose weight. Aim to eat small meals throughout the day, which will help you maintain an active lifestyle needed to burn calories constantly. You still want to be in a calorie deficit, meaning you'll consume 500 fewer calories per day than your body burns naturally.

Nonetheless, the focus is on fewer calories, not less food. Eat protein and vegetable-rich items while avoiding simple carbs like white bread and sugar.  

Exercising The Right Way

Those with excess fat on their legs believe squats will give them a slimmer appearance. If your objective is to burn fat, that won't be the case.

The primary way you can burn fat through exercise is with cardio. If you want to tone your muscles once cardio has removed enough fat, then that's when you start doing squats and leg extensions.

That being said, keep a consistent and happy medium between both forms of exercise. Don't stick to doing the same activities; make going to the gym a new and entertaining experience.

For example, instead of just running for cardio, swimming or cycling can break up a repetitive routine that will have you bored after two weeks.

Leg AirSculpt®: A Solutions For Amazing Legs

If your commitment to a new diet and exercise routine has given you some results, but you need help putting the finishing touches on your figure, a leg contouring procedure may be right for you. 

Leg AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, hallmarks of traditional procedures like liposuction. Patients enjoy a dramatic reduction of stubborn fat, remain awake the entire time, experience minimal discomfort, and get back to work within one to two days.

The lack of downtime is critical for helping individuals get right back to their newly adopted exercise routines or pick up a new one. 

For more information on how this procedure can work for you, contact our  Atlanta AirSculpt® office or any of our locations across the country for your first consultation. 


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