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Exploring the BodyTite Cellulite Procedure

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As we age, most of us develop extra skin, pockets of fat, or other cosmetic issues. Yet, one of the most frustrating problems, which happens at any age, is cellulite.

If you have an aesthetic issue with dimpled skin and cellulite, then you know how frustrating having it can be. Patients who are healthy and even frequently exercise can have cellulite.

It's interesting to note that many men and women report their cellulite getting worse with more exercise. 

Liposuction and excess skin removal are beneficial procedures that can help achieve a smoother and youthful physique. Still, patients are hesitant to undergo these surgeries due to their cost and downtime.

Several cosmetic centers are now offering the BodyTite cellulite treatment as a minimally invasive alternative to reducing fat and tightening the skin to fix this issue.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite can appear on both men and women of any age, skin type, and lifestyle. One common misunderstanding related to cellulite is that it only affects overweight people.

Yet, cellulite is present even in the fittest of patients. The reason why this occurs depends on the connective tissues between your skin and muscle layer.

Enlarged fat cells between these layers bulge the spaces around the connective tissues, which causes the characteristic dimples, lumps, and ripples.

It's thought that genetics play a specific role in how likely a person is to develop cellulite, but diet and lifestyle factors are the main contributing factors. 

Common areas in which cellulite can appear are:

  1. Thighs
  2. Buttocks
  3. Hips
  4. Flanks
  5. Arms
  6. Abdomen

How Can I Get Rid of Cellulite and Fat?

BodyTite is an FDA-approved radiofrequency-assisted form of liposuction designed to remove fat cells, tighten skin, and smoothen the areas with cellulite.

Given that BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure, it can be performed under local anesthesia and doesn't use lengthy incisions.  

The process consists of making a tiny incision near the treatment area and inserting a thin tube known as a cannula. Afterward, the BodyTite device administers radiofrequency heat energy, which helps liquefy the fat cells for easier extraction.

The heat energy also stimulates your skin's tightening response, which gives you both benefits of skin tightening and fat removal in one process.


Is There A Better Alternative To BodyTite?

Yes, there is, and it's Leg AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture. Elite Body Sculpture has similar steps and processes to BodyTite, given that they are both minimally invasive, but our Leg AirSculpt® doesn't use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia.

We also simultaneously offer the two-in-one benefits of skin tightening and fat removal, thanks to our patented AirSculpt® cannula's power-automated precision. Although we're not a designated skin tightening treatment, unless you have a large amount of skin to remove, most patients get complete results with AirSculpt alone.

Call our Charlotte office for your complimentary consultation to start working with us.


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