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Many of us imagine what it would be like to have our dream bodies for a specific event, date, or even year. We often start the New Year with resolutions like losing a certain number of pounds, going to the gym a minimum amount, or working toward that toned, flat stomach by Valentine's Day.

Most of us work hard toward our goals, but there are some things that just exercise and healthy eating just cannot achieve on their own. Whether caused by weight loss, pregnancy, or even hereditary conditions, your body may not be where you want it to be, but there is a solution that can help you achieve your expectations and goals with no downtime.

AirSculpt® As Your Stomach Fat Solution

At Elite Body Sculpture Dallas, our most popular AirSculpt® procedure targets your problem areas for your ideal 360° shape, including the tummy and waist. Using specially designed, patented technology, the Tummy/Waist AirSculpt® removes unattractive bulges, love handles, and unneeded inches around the waist.

Entering through a freckle-sized hole created by a puff of air, AirSculpt® technology delicately removes your fat cell by cell while simultaneously helping to tighten your skin. As we don't use needles, require no stitches, and avoid abrasive techniques, there is far less bruising and trauma experienced treated area than with regular traditional liposuction.

With AirSculpt®, patients achieve more impressive results and faster healing than with traditional stomach liposuction procedures. Because our technique is nearly painless, our doctors don't have to use something as risky as general anesthesia. You're awake the whole time, meaning you can listen to your favorite music or bring a friend to chat.

AirSculpt® or Traditional Liposuction? How We Are Different

Traditional liposuction is an invasive surgery that removes excess body fat and leaves a long scar, depending on the treated area. It uses a small tube inserted through a vast incision to suction fat out from in a scraping movement that is quite violent and imprecise. 

Patients receive general anesthesia before the surgery and stitches are required to close the incision. Recovery from traditional lipo is generally painful and lasts for days, or even weeks, with a mandatory downtime period as well. Results can leave bumps, shelves, ripples, bruises, and other irregularities that appear asymmetrical. Patients sometimes even require additional procedures to revise disappointing results.

AirSculpt®, on the other hand, is minimally invasive yet still designed to deliver maximum transformations. Our technique relies on a patented spinning technology to gently pluck out your fat through an entry site smaller than a pencil eraser. 

If you're considering getting your belly done with AirSculpt®, know that it will only leave a mark similarly sized to a freckle or natural skin blemish; there's no surgical scar with long suture marks typical with traditional liposuction. Because we use no stitches, there's no need for a follow-up surgeon's visit to have them removed.

AirSculpt® is performed exclusively by experienced, expertly trained surgeons at Elite Body Sculpture clinics throughout North America. Dr. Aaron Rollins, the founder of AirSculpt®, mentions that "we even prefer to hire ambidextrous surgeons."

Some of Our Patients' Points of View

A recent study explores the benefits and differentiating aspects of AirSculpt®. When discussing the procedure, it mentions, "The complication rate is very low, with a similar low touch-up rate. In addition, the short recovery period, small incision size, as well as not using traditional anesthesia, offers an attractive alternative for patients who normally would not consider modern methods of body contouring."

Some of our patients also mention their experience and their overall satisfaction with the process. Here in Dallas, Trinity exclaims: "I had an awesome experience with my full abdomen procedure. The doctor and his wonderful nurse took care of me and made me feel very comfortable."

Ashley from Greenway Parks (Dallas) also mentioned: "When I say that I cried after my surgery, y'all that's the biggest understatement. Taking my compression garment off and seeing my love handles gone, a flat stomach, and everything we discussed coming to fruition is more than I could ever dreamed OR prayed for!"

We are body contouring specialists; body sculpting is all we do, focusing on removing and transferring fat precisely for a natural yet contoured result. Our concierge services are available to assist you with any questions you may have!


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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